Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Adelie's birthday, and what a fun day it was!!  The day started with cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  (Always a treat!)  We then met some cousins and friends (and Grammie) for a little swimming play date followed by lunch with cousins at Firehouse Pizza.  When I asked Adelie what she wanted for her birthday dinner, she replied, "I want to eat at the restaurant with the bear."  So when Zach got home, we met Uma for dinner at Cornerstone, complete with a big chocolate chip cookie for dessert.  When we got home, Adelie opened a few presents (including about 6 different things that Staley had sewn for her) and then slept soundly after her big, fun, busy day.

Adelie with her birthday swimming crew
Enjoying her birthday cookie

Adelie had her rescheduled birthday party this morning.  And although some of the family had to miss due to sickness or other plans, Adelie still had a great time celebrating.  Not surprising, Adelie chose to have a mermaid party.

Staley and Adelie helped make party decorations.

There were plenty of birthday goodies, including some ocean blue punch...

and Ariel cupcakes.
The party guests also played a last-man-standing game where they had to determine if the name I read was a mermaid or not.  Although Uma put up a good fight, Staley was the winner.
If Adelie was wishing for lots of fun birthday presents, well...
she got her wish.

What a fun time we had celebrating out little 3 year old!!

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