Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

She Says...

Staley and I had this conversation this morning:

Staley:  "I want to watch "Empire Strikes Back."  Liam watched it and he liked it."
Me:  "Liam likes things that I don't think you would like.  You are more sensitive about scary things than Liam is, and the Star Wars movies are kind of scary."
Staley:  "I like Star Wars.  I met Darth Vader and I wasn't scared."
Me:  "Darth Vader was nice when we met him.  In the movies, he's a really mean bad guy."
Staley:  "Star Wars isn't scary to me."
Me:  "Staley, you got scared at the Paw Patrol episode yesterday."
Staley:  "No, I didn't!  And I'm not even scared of "Barbie Swan Lake" anymore."

Not sure she made the point she thought she did.

Today, Staley and I were baking together in the kitchen.  She made a batch of banana bread all by herself, including measuring all the ingredients, cracking the eggs, using the mixer, and even washing up all her dishes.  (I just read her the recipe and helped her know which measuring cup/spoon she needed.)  When she was done, we had this conversation:

Me:  "I'm really impressed, Staley.  You're a great cook."
Staley:  "Do you know where I learned how to cook so good?"
(I was starting to feel a little smug, thinking about all the times we've baked/cooked together and all the meals she's watched me make.)
Me:  "No.  Where did you learn to be such a good cook?"
Staley:  "From Grace [from an American Girl movie].  She's a really good cook and she teaches her friends to cook.  That's how I learned."


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