Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, March 21, 2016

Shining Stars...Again

Staley has participated in 2 sessions of a little drama/acting class called Shining Stars for kids aged 3-6.  And, like all things that her sister does, Adelie has been asking and waiting and wondering when she can go to Shining Stars class too.  Well, she got her wish.  Although not quite 3, Staley's teacher allowed Adelie to join in for this 3rd session of the class.  Actually, when I asked Staley's teacher about letting Adelie participate before she turned 3, she said, "If she's anything like Staley, I'd love to have her in class."  I just smiled and nodded, figuring that she could discover the differences between the two sisters for herself.  :)

Both girls loved their Shining Stars class.  Adelie jumped right in without hesitation, and Staley loved showing her little sister the ropes.  The class culminated in a little production called "Sammy the Sad Puppy."  Staley was Sabrina (one of Sammy's puppy sisters) and Adelie was Kitty #2.

My two little actresses
Both girls memorized their lines and had no qualms about being up on stage.  Although they were both under the weather the day of the performance, that didn't stop them from enjoying their moment in the spotlight and performing for their friends and family who came to see them.

A happy little kitty
Staley (far left) with her puppy sisters
I was so proud of my two shining stars!!

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