Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Big Boy

Briggs is talking and understanding so much.  He probably has at least 40-50 words by now that he uses, and he continues to add new words on a daily basis.  To Briggs, all fruits are bananas.  All crunchy snacks are crackers.  All wheeled vehicles are cars, although he does also know bus and choo choo.  Anything round is a ball.  He has a variety of animal sounds that he makes.  Every time he hears a dog in the neighborhood or sees one in a book, he barks.  He loves to find "Melmo" (Elmo) on his diapers and in books.  He is partial to mermaids, and will toss all of the princesses from the figurine box until he can find the mermaids, excitedly proclaiming "Mermaid!  Mermaid!" when he finds one.  He will point out and say "Barbie" when the girls are playing Barbies or when we see them at the store.  He uses please and thank you appropriately.  He will try to sing along or imitate songs and finger plays.  And he tries to join in with anything the girls are saying or doing.  If the girls are being silly and laughing together, Briggs will start laughing too, even if he doesn't have any idea why.  He will follow simple commands, request specific things that he wants, point at and name things that he sees in his books or outside (including every single car that is parked or driving past), and call for his sisters by name.  He identifies his tummy, nose, eyes, and head, and doesn't hesitate to poke you in the eye and say "eye."  When the back door opens on days that Zach is at work, he will often crawl towards the kitchen calling "Dada!  Dada!"  But when the back door opens on days that Grammie is here baby-sitting, he will call "Grandpa!  Grandpa!"  Briggs doesn't really need to use signs anymore since he talks so much, but he always uses the signs for 'please' and 'drink' as he's saying the words.

On Monday, we were at the zoo and I was giving the kids a snack.  I had water and goldfish crackers.  Briggs starting asking for his snack by saying, "Cracker.  Cracker."  and then making the sound he makes for fish.

The other morning I heard Briggs talking in his monitor, so I went to get him up. He had been wearing socks when I put him to bed, but they were nowhere to be seen.  I asked Briggs, "Buddy, where are your socks?"  He smiled at me and said, "Socks.  Uh-Oh" and then pointed down to the spot between his crib and his wall.  When I looked, sure enough, they were down there...along with another pair that I had been unable to find.

This age is just so fun.  Briggs is making new connections and expressing himself and understanding so much more  I love this time in Briggs's life right now as his world expands and grows.

My big boy

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