Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, April 29, 2016

They Say...

My kids say and do things that amuse me on a daily basis.  Even with the blog, I can't keep up with recording them all...and some of them just don't translate well into writing.  But here are a few recent gems:

Staley has her Kindergarten screening next week.  The other day, she asked me, "Is it a Kindergarten screening or a Kindergarten screaming?"  I just laugh every time I try to imagine what a Kindergarten screaming might look like...or sound like.  :)  Staley has also wanted to "practice" for her screening by working on her reading and writing and math skills, and doing some of her trivia questions.  She told me, "Maybe we can write down all the things I'm practicing so that I can take it to my screening and show them what I know."  As hard as it is for me to think about my baby going to Kindergarten, this girl is ready!!

Adelie just continually cracks me up with the things she says in her sweet little voice.  The other night, she was looking at Uma's earrings.  Then she sweetly said, "Maybe next time you can wear some pretty ones."

I have a baby carrier called the Baby K'tan that I sometimes carry Briggs in.  The other night I had Briggs in a carrier for our family walk and Adelie noted, "Briggs is in his container."  Yep.  Just putting my baby in his container for our little family outing.

Adelie tries so hard to be just like Staley, which often results in more amusing things Adelie says and does.  When Staley is making up jokes, so is Adelie.  Often we end up with Adelie winners like "Knock. Knock."  "Who's there?"  "You have a hair in your mouth."  Or when Staley was playing a game the other night by asking Grammy things like "Which do I like better?  Ballet or Gymnastics", Adelie joined right in with things like "Do I want to sit on a stick or lie on the sidewalk?"  And when Staley was whispering secrets to me the other day, Adelie wanted to too.  She whispered to me, "Are mermaids real?"  When I started to answer, she informed me, "No.  It's a secret, so you don't answer."

And Briggs just continually talks more and more.  He is still adding words to his vocabulary on a daily basis, identifying things like clock and spider and mouse and owl.  He gets excited about taking his "baff" (bath).  He still calls all crunchy snacks "crackers", including chips.  This morning, we were playing at the playground and Briggs was having a great time playing in the wood chips.  He picked one up and held it out to me.  I said, "That's a wood chip."  And so, for the rest of the time we were at the park, he'd pick up the wood chips and say, "Cracker." 

My kids just make me smile. 

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