Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Staley had her last game of her spring soccer season last night.  After playing 20 games over 2 seasons, Staley finally scored a goal!!

Don't let this action shot fool you.  This was a highlight, not the norm.

Last spring by the end of her season, Staley determined that she didn't really like soccer.  Her comment at the time?  "All you do is kick a ball."  She declined playing fall soccer, but decided that she really wanted to play again this spring.  She had a few little friends on her team and liked her coaches, but her soccer skills were about on par with last season.  She was always a few steps behind the action, never wanted to kick the ball if there were other kids around, and sometimes had to be reminded to pay attention.  It wasn't uncommon to see Staley prancing down the field, stopping to wave at us or give us a thumbs up.  Most of the time she seemed to be enjoying herself, but lacked that competitive spirit. 

Kicks offs and throw ins were a sure way for Staley to get a little action each game.

There were 5 other little kids on Staley's team.  They played 3-on-3 against other teams each game, so Staley would play for 5 minutes and then get a 5 minute break.  Before her final game, Staley noted, "I wish soccer was only the breaks."  When the breaks and the after-game snacks are the highlight of your sports season, maybe it's time to try something else. 

Staley's team (minus her friend, Kyli, who was on vacation)

Although Staley enjoyed spending time with friends and got a little better throughout the season, I think this may be the end of her soccer career.  If she's going to hang up the shin guards, at least she went out with a bang.


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