Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, May 27, 2016

Good-Bye, Pre-school

First day of 4 year old pre-school
August 2015

Last day of 4 year old pre-school
May 2016

My baby girl is officially done with pre-school and on her way to Kindergarten!  How did this happen?  And why does she insist on growing up so quickly??  Staley loved everything about pre-school this year at First Federated Church.  She loved her teachers.  She loved her friends.  She loved recess and lunch time and music with Mr. Russ and the crafts and the learning.  And she especially loved spending two days each week with Lila.  I am so sad the girls won't have that regular time together next year.

The pre-school graduates

The girls celebrated the end of pre-school with their spring program and a little pre-school graduation.  I did not get Staley flowers or balloons or gifts to celebrate her graduation. (Really, people???  It's pre-school graduation.)  However, she did get a snazzy certificate AND a cookie with lemonade.  So winner, winner!

Performing in the spring program

Staley with her teachers Miss Nikki and Mrs. Lytle

Good-bye, Pre-school.
Hello, Kindergarten!!

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