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Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Isn't this a perfect Mother's Day picture?

Doesn't it make you think of all the joys of motherhood?  The sweet moments with your kids.  The love and laughter.  The family game nights and walks around town.  The beautiful spring days at the park and the crisp fall trips to the pumpkin farm.  Doesn't it make you reflect on those proud moments where your kids do something amazing or say something reflective or do something so sweet or thoughtful or selfless that you want to cry?  Doesn't it make you think of those loving family moments?  Lullabies at bedtime and snuggling to read books on the couch.  Holding that little hand in yours as you cross the street or holding your baby as he nestles into your shoulder.  Doesn't it make you think about all the hugs and kisses and "I love yous" that fill each day?  Doesn't it make you so happy to be a mother?

But isn't this also a perfect Mother's Day picture?

Doesn't it remind you that motherhood isn't easy? For every perfect spring day at the park, there is that cold, rainy day where you are stuck inside for one too many days in a row.  For every sweet moment, there is one that includes arguing or whining or tantrums or sassiness.  For every proud parent moment, there is one where you wonder what you did wrong or if your child will ever learn to listen and obey.  For every moment of pure parental joy, there is one of pure frustration...or impatience...or total exhaustion.  Doesn't it remind you that not every moment of motherhood is picture perfect?  But doesn't it still make you happy to be a mother?

  That's the joy of motherhood.  God has blessed you with your children, and he has given you a fierce and unconditional love that only a mother can have.  He walks beside you and gives you those sweet and wonderful moments...and the strength to deal with the rest.  And even though it's not always easy, it is always worth it.

Every day is a happy mother's day.
I am so blessed!!

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