Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Briggs is officially an up-on-his-feet, no-longer-crawling, full-time, all-the-time walker now.  And I, for one, am happy.  (I'm sure his knees are too.)

Look out I come!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Adelie Vacation Quotes

On Thursday morning we went out to breakfast and then took the kids to a movies.  As we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, I told Adelie, "I want you to go to the bathroom at the restaurant before we go to the movie.  And if you cry or throw a fit about it, you will not get to go to the movie."  Contemplating this, Adelie asked, "Can I whine?"


My dad gave each of the grandkids a small bag of saltwater taffy as a treat to eat on the drive home from Pentwater.  He gave it to them on Friday night.  When the girls woke up on Saturday morning, I reminded them, "We are going to get dressed, have breakfast, and then we'll drive home."  Adelie sat straight up in bed and said, "You know what that means."  I  replied, "What does that mean?"  She threw her arms in the air and said, "It's water taffy time!!"


One of the days on the beach, my cousin, Emily, was giving a few of the kids a little swimming lesson.  She was showing them how to be alligators in the water.  As they were practicing being alligators, Adelie said to Emily, "Alligators go potty in the water, right?"  Emily responded, "Yes they do.  Is that what you are planning to do?"  To which Adelie replied, "I'm going right now."  *sigh*



We just returned from another fabulous week in Pentwater.  Just like every year since I was a child, we enjoyed a relaxing week of hanging out on the beach, enjoying the company of family, and keeping up the yearly traditions like spaghetti night, s'mores night, breakfast at the Old Hamlin, and walking into town for ice cream.  This year, we had beautiful weather and many perfect beach days.  We took advantage of our one rainy morning to take the kids to see "Finding Dory" at the movie theater, but otherwise spent most of our days just relaxing and playing on the beach.

We're now 3 for 3.  All three of our kids love the beach.  Briggs enjoyed playing in the sand, letting the waves wash over his feet, and eating snacks every chance he got.

Our little mermaid, Adelie, was our biggest beach kid of all.  She never wanted to leave the beach.  She enjoyed getting buried in the sand, especially when we turned her legs into a mermaid tail of sand, but spent most of her time in the water.

Staley split her time between practicing her underwater swimming and playing with her beach cousins and Grammie.  She loved playing restaurant, hotel, and going on dune adventures.

One of the highlights of Pentwater is spending time with extended family, with my aunts and uncles and cousins and cousins' kids all providing plenty of people to play with.  The kids had a great time getting buried and then singing the original song "We are Talking Heads" over and over at the top of their lungs.

Adelie became very attached to my mom's sister, Aunt Maggie, and spent lots of time as her little shadow on the beach.

My cousin's daughter, Gabby, loved Briggs.  And I loved that she would spend long periods of time entertaining him on the beach each day.

The kids weren't the only ones having fun on the beach.  Carrie and I made a pretty great sand creation that provided hours of fun for Briggs.  He loved playing in the hole!!

And, of course, staying in the same house as all my brothers and their families means that there is always someone to play with.

The cousins had a great time reading, coloring, playing games, running around outside, going to the park, and having dance parties.  And the grown-ups had a great time reading, visiting, and playing games after the kids went to bed.

Leaving Pentwater is always a little bittersweet for me.  It's always nice to come home after a vacation, but there is something about Pentwater that also feels like home.  Luckily, I know that I'm not saying good-bye to Pentwater.  I'm just saying...

...see you next year!

Friday, June 17, 2016

No? Yes!

Briggs is talking more and more every day, but sometimes the English language can be tricky to grasp.  Briggs is starting to say "no".  It's no surprise that this word has entered his vocabulary as it's probably in the top 10 most used words in the house.  The funny thing, however, is that he seems to be confused by the meaning and generally says "no" when he really means "yes."  Zach and I hypothesize that he hears us say "no" to Adelie multiple times every day before she goes ahead and does exactly what she wants to do, probably confusing his understanding of what "no" really means.  (Hmmmm....maybe that's Adelie's problem too.)  Regardless, it's pretty cute when he does this.  For example, the other day we were playing on the playset and he kept wanting to go down the slide.  He'd say "Slide."  I'd ask, "Do you want to go down the slide?"  He'd smile big and sweetly say "No."  I'd correct him and say, "You mean yes."  And then he would say "Jes."  He has also said "no" to more fruit at dinner, playing with a specific toy he requests, looking at books in the car, or going to Grammie's house, each time really meaning yes.  He says it in such a sweet little voice with his happy little smile.  It's just one of those cute little Briggs things that I know I'll want to remember as it always makes me smile.

Do I love this boy?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Lovin'

It's mid-June.  The sun is shining.  The temperature is in the 90's.  The girls went to Vacation Bible School this morning.  We've had several birthday celebrations at pools and splash parks.  The girls played in the sprinkler yesterday.  There is no question about it.  Summer is here!!  And what have we been doing with this first part of our summer???

We've been playing at parks. 
(Who needs slides when you can play with the rocks??)

Adelie and Staley (and Lila) performed their dance camp routine at the end of a week of dance camp.  Staley diligently practiced the routine all week and knew all the steps.  Adelie didn't really care to practice and only knew a handful of the steps, but she had a great time and loved being big enough to go to camp with Staley and Lila.

The girls have been doing lots of bike riding.

Staley and Lila swimming together at Lila's birthday pool party.

Sprinkler fun

Staley all ready for the kids fun run at State Farm Park.
Afterwards, I asked Adelie if she liked the fun run.  She replied, "It wasn't so fun, but it was a run."

The kids had a great time at the splash park for Caroline's birthday party.

And Briggs has discovered one of his new favorite activities.
He LOVES our water table.

We're only a few weeks into summer, but are already filling out days with fun summer activities.  Looking forward to what the rest of summer brings.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fifteen Months

My Briggs is already 15 months old!  He's so cute and lovable and snuggly and fun.  At his 15 month check-up yesterday, he weighed in at 21.5 lbs (28th percentile) and was 30.5" tall (23rd percentile).  He is still wearing some 12 month clothes, and is starting to wear some of his 18 month clothes.  He wears size 3 diapers and size 3.5 shoes.  Briggs usually naps for about 2 hours in the afternoon and sleeps for around 11-12 hours at night.  He's so easy to put to bed.  There is no need for a long routine.  I just lay him in bed, he sticks his thumb in his mouth, and he goes to sleep.  Easy, peasy.  He just eats table foods, drinks from cup (no more bottles or nursing), and is growing into such a big boy.

My big guy

Likes:  Briggs is still a happy little guy.  He loves playing outside, bath time, cars, books, and his sisters.  Favorite outdoor activities include climbing on the playset, playing in the sandbox, and water table fun.  At the park, he is often happy just playing in the woodchips and the rocks.  Favorite toys include his cars and trucks, balls, Little People toys, and anything his sisters are playing with.  He really enjoys reading, and will sit for a long time to listen to books.  Favorite books are ones with cars/trucks/trains, ones with flaps, and his several sets of miniature books.  Briggs is a good eater, but he loves pancakes/waffles, fruit, yogurt, crackers, and anything sweet.  Briggs loves animals, and gets so excited about seeing our cats or the dogs in the neighborhood.  He's still a bit of a Mama's boy, but loves his Daddy, his grandparents, his cousins, and just about anyone else he meets.  Of course, he loves nothing more than his sisters.

Briggs and his big sisters

Briggs loves playing in the wood chips at the playground

Walking with Daddy like a big boy

Dislikes:  Briggs often fusses initially when we drop him off at the church nursery, and still sometimes fusses when someone else is holding him when I'm around.  When helping in the church nursery, I've also realized that he gets very jealous when I hold another baby.  He will sometimes throw massive fits when I walk out of the room where he is or when I put him down in the kitchen while I try to put away groceries or make a meal.  Briggs will sometimes get mad when Adelie invades his personal space or takes a toy that he is playing with.  He can also get upset when he's in his high chair without food or his carseat without a book or toy to play with.  Briggs is generally a good eater, but doesn't usually care for pastas or most meats.

He definitely has his not-so-happy moments, but is more often smiling.

Skills:  Briggs is now walking much more.  I'd say he's about an 80-85% of the time walker now, increasing this percentage almost on a daily basis.  He loves to climb up the ladder on the playset and steps on the playground.  He can turn around to climb off of furniture, and is starting to learn to turn around to crawl down stairs (although this remains a bit scary and unsafe.)  Briggs loves putting things in, taking things out, coloring on paper, and activating toys.  He helps get dressed by pushing arms and legs into clothing, takes of shoes and socks, and will try to put on his shoes or socks or hats.  He can feed himself with a spoon and a fork, although still more often uses his fingers.  He likes to help brush his hair, brush his teeth, and blow his nose.  Briggs will sometimes tell us "poo poo" and pat his diaper as he's pooping or peeing in his diaper.  Briggs is a big talker.  He has lots of words (maybe around 75 or so), and is starting to put 2 words together.  He labels objects, makes animal sounds, sings parts of songs, helps say grace before meals, and uses please and thank you appropriately.  Briggs also understands so much.  He follows simple directions, gives high fives and fist bumps, blows kisses, puts away toys, shares, dances, and loves to laugh.  He just lights up our lives!

Briggs is walking so much more

My happy 15 month old

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Little Jokester

Briggs has officially made his first joke.

Zach taught Briggs the "Go, Go, Go, Go White Sox" song.  It quickly became one of their favorite party tricks.  Zach would sing "Go, Go, Go, Go, White..." and Briggs would proudly finish with "Sox."  A few days ago, Zach and Briggs were practicing their routine.  Zach started off with his typical "Go, Go, Go, Go, White..." and with a big smile, Briggs said, "Shoe."

I sure love my little jokester!

You Know You're A Mom When...

a child spills a whole thing of bubbles...into your purse.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

So Big...But Still So Little

Staley continues to grow up so fast.  Maturity.  Responsibility.  Independence.  I am seeing all these areas grow and expand.  She is such a sweet big sister to Adelie and Briggs.  She loves to do things for herself, like washing up in the tub or making something in the kitchen.  She loves the idea of doing "big kid things", whether it's sliding down the pole at the playground or pumping on the swings or tying her shoes or trying to swim underwater or riding a two-wheeled bike.  Earlier this spring, Staley decided that she was done with training wheels.  And although her cautious nature made for a slow start to the process, she remained determined and wouldn't let us put the training wheels back on.  And now, although not fully independent or proficient in steering or turning, she is riding on her own.

On the other hand, there are still those things that make me stop and remember how little Staley still is.  Although the idea of doing big kid things is appealing to Staley, actually doing them sometimes causes her anxiety.  At State Farm Play Day, although she had talked all year about riding the roller coaster, when it came time to get on, she started crying about not wanting to do it.  I'm not sure if it was my best parenting moment, but I picked up my crying child and strapped her into the roller coaster, knowing that she would be happy once she did it.  And, of course, she was smiling by the time it was over and couldn't wait to do it again and again.  In the same way, although Staley was very excited about going to Dance Camp this past week, she cried multiple times every day at camp about "missing her mama."  There have been tears at pre-school and Sunday School when other kids are picked up before her, insistence on following me to the basement or the garage during rest time so that she can be near me, and a new reluctance about situations that she previously has done and enjoyed, like sleep-overs.  I'm not sure where these fears and tears are coming from.  Sometimes I get frustrated with these unfounded concerns and new fears.  But I have to remind many ways, Staley seems so big , but she's still just a little girl.  And I'm in no hurry to change that.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Both my girls are attending a little dance camp this week.  Each day has a theme that they can dress up for.  Tomorrow is mixed up/crazy day.  Staley informed me that she was going to wear a purple shirt, orange skirt, pink leggings, and mis-matched socks.  Then Adelie piped in that she was going to take off all her clothes, be nakey, and pour powdered sugar all over her head.

There's no question which child's crazy is going to keep me up worrying at night.  Lord help us when Adelie's a teenager.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Play Day

It's always fun.  It's always exciting.  It's always a highlight of the year.  This past Saturday was State Farm Play Day.  Since Briggs is still too little to enjoy most of what Play Day has to offer (and since we were skipping naps to take advantage of the whole day of fun), we swapped sons with Melissa and Evan.  In keeping with tradition, Liam joined us for the day of fun.

The highlights of the day always include:

Riding a school bus from the parking lot to the park.  The thrill of this never seems to fade.  We were the first people on the first bus of the day, and stayed until all the activities were closed up.  It was a full, fun day!!

Pony rides!
It rained for about an hour of State Farm play day.  While many people took cover in the tents with the crafts and games, we took advantage of the fact that there was no line for the ponies...and the kids rode them about 6 or 7 times in a row.  They ended up pretty wet, but very happy.  Adelie declared the pony rides her favorite activity of the day.

The plethora of bouncy houses, bouncy slides, and bouncy obstacle courses are enough in themselves to keep the kids occupied for a whole day.  The kids all loved the Finding Nemo obstacle course, doing that one at least 20-30 times.

The giant hamster ball was another big hit.  Each kid chose to keep getting back in line to do this one over and over again.

And, of course, the rides are always a highlight.  Liam declared the "roller coaster" his favorite activity of the day while Staley chose "the spinner" at the top of her list. (Riding the spinner with the kids the first time they rode it made me realize that my vestibular system is not what it used to be.)

Adelie still was not crazy about some of the bigger, faster rides.  She rode the roller coaster once, did the big slide once, and rode the rocking pirate ship once, deciding that all 3 of those were a little too fast or scary for her.

But she loved the motorcycles, the ladybug ride, the fun house, the spinning apples, and the train.

And all 3 kids worked together to polish off a bag of cotton candy on the bus ride back to the parking lot.  A first for all 3 of them, and got 6 big thumbs up!!  Nothing like topping off a day of corndogs, chips, and strawberry shortcake with pure sugar and food coloring.

Hooray for State Farm Play Day.  Can't wait until next year!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Question of the Day

Which is more frustrating?  The fact that my overly tired and emotional 3 year old is refusing to take a nap...

or the fact that she purposefully screamed at the top of her lungs right outside her napping brother's bedroom when I told her she couldn't get up from nap yet (while reminding her to be quiet since her brother was sleeping)?

My daily prayer is for patience.
Lots and lots and lots and lots of patience.

Friday, June 3, 2016

First Sentence

Briggs continues to talk...and talk...and talk.  He adds words on a daily basis, and is now starting to occasionally put two words together.  The other night, he found a Barbie shoe in the yard and said, "Shoe.  Barbie."  Or when he drops something, he often announces what he dropped.  "Book.  Uh-oh."  But his favorite sentence?  "Adelie.  Cry."  Unfortunately, Briggs has plenty of opportunities to use that sentence on a daily basis.

So to sum up:  Briggs is talking lots.  Adelie is crying lots.  That's just life at our house right now.