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Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fifteen Months

My Briggs is already 15 months old!  He's so cute and lovable and snuggly and fun.  At his 15 month check-up yesterday, he weighed in at 21.5 lbs (28th percentile) and was 30.5" tall (23rd percentile).  He is still wearing some 12 month clothes, and is starting to wear some of his 18 month clothes.  He wears size 3 diapers and size 3.5 shoes.  Briggs usually naps for about 2 hours in the afternoon and sleeps for around 11-12 hours at night.  He's so easy to put to bed.  There is no need for a long routine.  I just lay him in bed, he sticks his thumb in his mouth, and he goes to sleep.  Easy, peasy.  He just eats table foods, drinks from cup (no more bottles or nursing), and is growing into such a big boy.

My big guy

Likes:  Briggs is still a happy little guy.  He loves playing outside, bath time, cars, books, and his sisters.  Favorite outdoor activities include climbing on the playset, playing in the sandbox, and water table fun.  At the park, he is often happy just playing in the woodchips and the rocks.  Favorite toys include his cars and trucks, balls, Little People toys, and anything his sisters are playing with.  He really enjoys reading, and will sit for a long time to listen to books.  Favorite books are ones with cars/trucks/trains, ones with flaps, and his several sets of miniature books.  Briggs is a good eater, but he loves pancakes/waffles, fruit, yogurt, crackers, and anything sweet.  Briggs loves animals, and gets so excited about seeing our cats or the dogs in the neighborhood.  He's still a bit of a Mama's boy, but loves his Daddy, his grandparents, his cousins, and just about anyone else he meets.  Of course, he loves nothing more than his sisters.

Briggs and his big sisters

Briggs loves playing in the wood chips at the playground

Walking with Daddy like a big boy

Dislikes:  Briggs often fusses initially when we drop him off at the church nursery, and still sometimes fusses when someone else is holding him when I'm around.  When helping in the church nursery, I've also realized that he gets very jealous when I hold another baby.  He will sometimes throw massive fits when I walk out of the room where he is or when I put him down in the kitchen while I try to put away groceries or make a meal.  Briggs will sometimes get mad when Adelie invades his personal space or takes a toy that he is playing with.  He can also get upset when he's in his high chair without food or his carseat without a book or toy to play with.  Briggs is generally a good eater, but doesn't usually care for pastas or most meats.

He definitely has his not-so-happy moments, but is more often smiling.

Skills:  Briggs is now walking much more.  I'd say he's about an 80-85% of the time walker now, increasing this percentage almost on a daily basis.  He loves to climb up the ladder on the playset and steps on the playground.  He can turn around to climb off of furniture, and is starting to learn to turn around to crawl down stairs (although this remains a bit scary and unsafe.)  Briggs loves putting things in, taking things out, coloring on paper, and activating toys.  He helps get dressed by pushing arms and legs into clothing, takes of shoes and socks, and will try to put on his shoes or socks or hats.  He can feed himself with a spoon and a fork, although still more often uses his fingers.  He likes to help brush his hair, brush his teeth, and blow his nose.  Briggs will sometimes tell us "poo poo" and pat his diaper as he's pooping or peeing in his diaper.  Briggs is a big talker.  He has lots of words (maybe around 75 or so), and is starting to put 2 words together.  He labels objects, makes animal sounds, sings parts of songs, helps say grace before meals, and uses please and thank you appropriately.  Briggs also understands so much.  He follows simple directions, gives high fives and fist bumps, blows kisses, puts away toys, shares, dances, and loves to laugh.  He just lights up our lives!

Briggs is walking so much more

My happy 15 month old

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