Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, June 9, 2016

So Big...But Still So Little

Staley continues to grow up so fast.  Maturity.  Responsibility.  Independence.  I am seeing all these areas grow and expand.  She is such a sweet big sister to Adelie and Briggs.  She loves to do things for herself, like washing up in the tub or making something in the kitchen.  She loves the idea of doing "big kid things", whether it's sliding down the pole at the playground or pumping on the swings or tying her shoes or trying to swim underwater or riding a two-wheeled bike.  Earlier this spring, Staley decided that she was done with training wheels.  And although her cautious nature made for a slow start to the process, she remained determined and wouldn't let us put the training wheels back on.  And now, although not fully independent or proficient in steering or turning, she is riding on her own.

On the other hand, there are still those things that make me stop and remember how little Staley still is.  Although the idea of doing big kid things is appealing to Staley, actually doing them sometimes causes her anxiety.  At State Farm Play Day, although she had talked all year about riding the roller coaster, when it came time to get on, she started crying about not wanting to do it.  I'm not sure if it was my best parenting moment, but I picked up my crying child and strapped her into the roller coaster, knowing that she would be happy once she did it.  And, of course, she was smiling by the time it was over and couldn't wait to do it again and again.  In the same way, although Staley was very excited about going to Dance Camp this past week, she cried multiple times every day at camp about "missing her mama."  There have been tears at pre-school and Sunday School when other kids are picked up before her, insistence on following me to the basement or the garage during rest time so that she can be near me, and a new reluctance about situations that she previously has done and enjoyed, like sleep-overs.  I'm not sure where these fears and tears are coming from.  Sometimes I get frustrated with these unfounded concerns and new fears.  But I have to remind many ways, Staley seems so big , but she's still just a little girl.  And I'm in no hurry to change that.

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  1. Just had to chime in to say that I think lots of kids have similar apprehensions/fears as they get close Kindergarten. They are "big" and will get to go to school, but knowing that and not understanding it completely makes them nervous.
    In our house, every school year brings a bit of uncertainty until they know the daily routine and schedule.