Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Things I Love: July Edition

1.  Swimming in the yard.

Especially when it's topping off a fun cousin sleepover.

2.  Outings like the Farm Park and the 4H fair.

Farm Park fun with Avery and Isla

3.  A good excuse for ice cream treats and popsicles.

4.  Getting to watch big cousins play baseball/softball.  (Or getting to play with younger cousins while the older cousins play baseball/softball.)

Suckers and cousins and playing outside.  What's not to love about ball games??

5.  Trying out new playgrounds

6.  Lots of chances to rock sunglasses, sun hats, and cute summer outfits.

7.  My best friend, Christie, was home from Virginia for 2 weeks with her girls.  We had tons of fun getting the kids together for playdates, but a girl's night out in Peoria was a highlight.

8.  A super fun morning playing at Grandma Judy and Grandpa Randy's house (Christie's parents) with horse rides, petting the bunny, golf cart rides, tractor rides, and spending time with Avery and Isla and Aunt Christie was a July highlight.

When Staley was telling Zach about our morning of horse rides and golf cart rides, she said, "It was just like a carnival!"

For the rest of the day, Briggs kept saying, "Grandpa.  Tractor."

Avery, Staley, and Adelie hanging out in the barn.

9.  Going to swimming pools...where Staley got to practice all her new swim lesson skills.

10.  Sleepovers.  We hosted a cousin sleepover, and the girls each got to do a solo sleepover with grandparents.

Adelie all ready for her Grammie and Grandpa sleepover

We've had a full and fun July.  Pools and parks and playdates.  Story hour and swim lessons and sleepovers.  And although we've had plenty of outings, there has also been plenty of time for going to the library and playing in the sprinkler and water table fun and extra special movie time when it's too hot to play outside.  Summer is such a fun time, but just like the rest of life, it's been flying by.

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