Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Well Rounded

Briggs is definitely developing into a little boy.  He loves cars, trucks, tractors, buses, and trains.  Anyone mowing is super-exciting.  Animals are great, especially dogs.  He likes to climb and wrestle and throw.  His favorite shirts and pajamas have trucks or tractors.  Balls are always fun.  Yes, he is definitely a boy.

But Briggs also has two big sisters.  Along with trucks and cars, he also loves Barbies, princesses, and mermaids.  He doesn't know the names of any super heroes, but he can always identify Elsa, Pocahontis, and Aurora.  He enjoys combing his hair and putting on headbands and jewelry and purses.  He loves books and coloring and stickers.  Yes, he definitely has big sisters.

I love seeing my little boy grow and discover his own interests, but I also enjoy seeing him want to be a part of his big sisters' world.  Trucks, trains, Barbies, and mermaids.  Yes, it's good to be well rounded.

Briggs with a purse over one arm and his truck under the other

All of Briggs's vehicles are being driven by princesses and mermaids.

He may like hanging with the guys, but he's one well rounded little boy.

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