Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another First Day of School

Today is Staley's 14th day of school, which she will be quick to tell you if you ask.  That has been 14 long, long days where Adelie has been anxiously awaiting her turn to start school.  Adelie has been counting down until "after Labor Day" to start pre-school.  She has been consistently talking about her new teacher, Mrs. Ferguson, and wondering what she looks like and sounds like.  After I had met Mrs. Ferguson at pre-school orientation night, Adelie's first question was, "What does she sound like?"  That's a hard question to answer.  I went with "nice."

So this morning Adelie bounced out of bed, put on the special outfit she picked out for her first day of school, put a couple of pictures that she had colored in her backpack (because she was very concerned that she didn't have anything in her backpack), and sort of stood still for a few first-day-of-school pictures.

What a ham!

Adelie had absolutely zero apprehension about starting school.  We walked into the building that she'd never been in before, found her classroom that she had never seen before, briefly met her teacher who she had never met before, and headed right in with a group of kids she didn't know.  Big smile.  Big wave.  Big girl!

Hanging up her backpack

This morning Adelie was only at school for an hour.  (Normally it will be 2.5 hours.)  She told me that Mrs. Ferguson was nice, that there were baby dolls and blocks and animals to play with, and that she made a friend named Lola.  Apparently Lola shared her people with Adelie and Adelie shared her animals with Lola.  Although Adelie was a bit concerned that they didn't have a snack today, she otherwise seemed enthused about her first day and said that she is excited about going back on Thursday.  Since Staley started Kindergarten, I've felt that Adelie just needs her own thing to be excited about.  I'm glad she has that now!

My little pre-schooler

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