Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, September 10, 2016

St. Louis

We have an annual tradition of taking a week-end trip to St. Louis each fall.  Now that we are working around a school schedule, we decided to take advantage of Labor Day to enjoy our long St. Louis week-end.  Note to self:  Going places on school holidays means everywhere you go is way busier.  And going places on school holidays when the weather is beautiful means everywhere you go is way, way busier.  Despite the crowds and lines (and the 2 a.m. hotel fire drill), we had a great week-end.  And Zach's parents joined us again this year, which made it all the more fun for us.

The St. Louis Zoo is always a favorite.  Briggs LOVED seeing and riding the train.  The girls always love the carousel.  And, of course, we saw plenty of cool animals too.

Grant's Farm was our second day outing.  Another carousel, a tram ride, a pony ride, exotic animals, an elephant show, and a junk food lunch topped off with ice cream made for an exciting day...and wore the kids out!

The girls even got to ride a camel!

After the day at Grant's Farm, we went back to the hotel for naps and rest.  After an Adelie nap and a Staley rest, I took the girls to the pool while Briggs and Zach finished their long naps.  Hotel pools are always a treat, even when they are cold, tiny, and frankly kind of disgusting.

The Magic House Children's Museum was Staley's top request for the week-end.  Although the weather was nice, a heat wave on Monday and Staley's consistent request made it an easy decision for our last day in the city.

The model train room at the Magic House was Briggs's favorite.

And just like the past 2 years, the pet clinic was Staley's favorite area.  She literally would have stayed in there all day.

Adelie spent her week-end attached to Papa's side.  She always wanted to sit by him, walk with him, and hold his hand wherever we went.

The kids always enjoy the little things about our vacations.  Playing at Turtle Park, hanging out in the hotel, eating at restaurants, watching movies in the car,...all the seemingly little things make our trips special for the kids.  Even the middle of the night fire alarm that dragged us out of bed (and down 8 flights of stairs) was memorable for the kids.  Briggs was thrilled about seeing all the fire trucks pull up in front of our hotel.

Although it wasn't full of great family photos, our week-end was full of fun!

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