Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Coming Home

There are certain places that hold so many good memories, it's hard not to consider them home.  Greenville College is one of those places for me.  Although it's been 15 years since I graduated, being back on campus made many of those moments seem like just yesterday.

This was my first time back in Greenville in at least 12 years.  Many things have changed.  There are buildings that are gone, including the houses I lived in my junior and senior years.  There are buildings that are new.  There are buildings that appear to have moved.  My friends and I kept saying things like, "Wasn't that house on the other side of the street?" or "Was the rec center always that close to the library?"  The campus seemed smaller than we remembered it, but so much is still the same.  Same dorms.  Same library.  Same student union.  Same weight room.  Same way that everyone smiled at us as we walked around campus and greeted us like friends.

Yesterday was Greenville Homecoming.  In the midst of all the homecoming celebrations, there was a cross country reunion to celebrate 60 years of cross country at GC.  Cross country and track were a huge part of my college life.  So many hours spent practicing.  So many week-ends spent traveling to meets.  Cross country brought so many amazing people into my life.  It gave me my best friends.  My roommates.  My housemates.  The love I have for my college home cannot be separated from the love I have for my cross country team.

Yesterday was my Greenville home coming.  I enjoyed hanging out at the football game.  I had fun reminiscing with old teammates at the cross country reunion.  But the highlight was having a day with my friends.  Piecing together memories as we walked around campus.  Laughing about what we remembered, and what we forgot, as we drove past all our old haunts.  Just sitting at the park where we ran so many of our cross country practices and meets, talking about our lives, both past and present.  It was such a fun day of remembering what brought us together and once again realizing why we have stayed together. It's because it feels like home.

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