Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Little Moments

Not every moment in our days is noteworthy.  There are moments that are exasperating or disappointing or difficult or teachable.  But there are so many of the little moments in our days that just fill my heart and make me smile.

Moments like...

how Briggs walks into a room with something he's found, smiles big, and says "TA-DA!"

how Adelie says, "You're the best mom in all the world" (although she has learned to say this with a sweet smile and a hug when she is getting in trouble.)

how Staley quietly slips out of her chair and runs over to me to give me a big hug when I volunteer in her classroom

how Briggs always wants his turn to talk during our dinner conversation.  Each night at dinner, we ask the kids what was best in their day, if anything bad happened, and what they learned.  Briggs will always say, "Briggy's turn."  When we ask him, "What was the best part of your day?", he always answers "School bus."  (Seeing the bus?  Playing with his bus?  It's hard to say.)  Then when we ask if anything bad happened, he generally says, "School bus fall over.  Fire truck fall over."  (Not exactly sure where this comes from, but appropriately would fall into the bad category.)  And  then if we ask if he learned anything, sometimes he says, "No" and sometimes he says, "Sure" , but never elaborates.   I'm not sure how much of this ritual he actually understands, but he always wants to make sure he has his turn.

how Adelie always gives Staley a big hug when we drop her off at school and again when we pick her up.

how when Staley gets money for losing her teeth (she's down 3 now), she includes the things she wants to buy for Adelie and Briggs into her plans for spending her money.  Of course, she has not quite figured out just how much, or little, you can actually get for 8 quarters.

how Briggs and Adelie get so excited about taking Staley to school each morning.  Adelie always wants to bring something from home to show to Staley's teacher, while Briggs can't wait to see the buses and go into her classroom to see the fish tank.  Drop off time is a highlight of the day for both of them.

how Staley and Adelie play and play and play and play together on week-end mornings when they get up.  Since they don't get as much time to play together during the week, they wake up so excited to play together on the week-ends.  Sometimes it's hard to get them to stop for a mid-morning breakfast.

how all 3 kids will sit together so nicely to look at a book or watch an after-rest television show.  It's so cute to see all 3 of them sitting side by side on the couch.

how Staley and Adelie get so amused by the cute little things Briggs says or does.  They will just giggle and giggle whenever he does something cute or funny.  And, of course, he loves to make his sisters laugh.

how Staley loves to play art class with Adelie, and how Adelie is getting to be much better at drawing because of this.

how Adelie is getting better at writing her name, but she still doesn't identify the letters.  She can tell you how to spell her name, but when writing it, she'll ask "what comes next?  The one with the 3 lines or the one with the big curve?"

how Briggs will say, "Momma.  Snuggle."  and then when I pick him up, he will immediately put his thumb in his mouth and lie his head on my shoulder.

how Staley reads a book to us every night at bedtime and how she always wants to sit on my lap while she reads it.

There are so many little moments like this in each day that I want to hold onto and cherish.  I'm okay with forgetting the diaper changes and tears and whining and attitude.  But these moments...

these moments fill my heart and I never want to forget them.

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