Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tender Heart

Adelie is my brave, confident little girl.  She makes friends wherever we go.  Little kids, big kids, grown-ups--it doesn't really matter.  The other day at a college soccer game, she sat right down next to two college guys and struck up a conversation.  She embraces new situations, keeps up with her big sister and older cousins, and has been loving having her "own" thing (pre-school/gymnastics).  When we watch movies, Staley will cover her eyes and ears during "scary" parts while Adelie will watch them and tell Staley when they're over.  As brave and confident as she is, she is also so sweet and tender.  She is always ready with a sweet compliment and a big hug.  And just as Staley does not like the scary parts in movies, Adelie doesn't like the sad parts.  After taking the girls to see "Finding  Dory" in the theater, Adelie told us that she didn't like it because it was sad.  And the other night we watched "The Lorax."  When the last of the truffula trees was chopped down and all the animals were sent  away, Adelie's eyes teared up and her lip quivered as she asked, "Why is everyone so sad?  I don't like this part."  So Adelie can bravely handle the scary, but her tender heart can't take the sad.

I love all the little things that make Adelie who she is.  I love how brave and confident she is, but I also love her sweet, sweet heart.

My little sweet heart

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