Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, October 14, 2016

They Say...

Last night at dinner, Staley was talking about a girl who was mean to her at recess.  After empathizing, we asked her, "Are you ever mean to anybody?"  Staley emphatically answered, "No."  Then Adelie piped in and said, "You're mean to me.  You were mean to me this morning."  Then she proceeded to explain exactly what Staley did that morning that was mean. 

Adelie is consistently asking us if things are real.  I'm not sure if she just has a hard time differentiating fiction from reality or if she just needs to see it to believe.  We've told her that monsters aren't real and unicorns aren't real and fairies aren't real.  She knows that cartoons and some of the things we read in books aren't real.  But she is constantly asking things like, "Are sharks real?"  or "Are mushrooms real?" or "Are the Chicago Bears real?"  I'm also pretty sure she thinks that when Zach and I wear our Bear's jerseys, we are actually part of the team.  I guess at 3 life can still be a little confusing.

Briggs is talking so much now.  I love it!!  He is currently trying to figure out counting and colors.  He can count to about 13 or 14, but will often start with 6 or 7.  He will also sometimes count in circles, like starting at 6, counting to 13, and then circling back to 6 and starting again.  He is also starting to understand colors.  He knows the names of colors, but has not quite figured out how to pair the right color with the object.  He primarily tells us that things are yellow or green.  The girls always get the giggles when Briggs guesses colors wrong.  Like if they ask him what color his grape is and he answers "yellow."  And then they'll ask him what color a bus is and he'll answer "green."  Definitely still a work in progress.

Tonight Briggs was playing with his Little People bus in the girls' room at bedtime.  I told him, "It's time to put away your bus.  It's bedtime."  I picked up Briggs and said, "We're going to go in your room for bedtime books.  Say good-night."  Zach, Adelie, and Staley were all in the room, looking at him expectantly.  Instead, Briggs looked right at his toys and said, "Night, night bus.  Night, night people." 

My kids always keep me laughing.
And that's for real.

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