Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, November 11, 2016

Family Fun

You know those times when you have a plan and it doesn't work out the way you expected, but then it ends up being even better.  Last week-end was one of those times for us.  I had been intending all fall to take the kids to Wildlife Prairie Park so Briggs could ride the train.  I knew he would love it, and I was excited to share that with him.  Last Saturday we decided to venture over there for a morning of family fun.  When we got there and drove straight to the train depot, we found out the train is closed for the season.  I was more than bummed.  I was so disappointed and I couldn't seem to shake that feeling.  I lamented the fact that we'd even come at all.  But then we had the best time!

Briggs found a little train to play in and he was more than satisfied.  The kids played at several different playgrounds and found so many fun, new things to do.

There were a number of different statues that the kids all wanted to sit on and climb on and get their picture on.  Of course, I told Adelie to smile for her picture.  She said, "I'm not going to smile.  I'm only going to do this" (and then proceeded to make the face above) every time I tried to take her picture.  *sigh*

For the first time EVER in all my trips to Wildlife Prairie Park, all the animals were out and active and so fun to watch.  The wolves were howling, the bear was foraging, the otters were swimming, the badger was digging.  We had so much fun finding and watching all the animals.

The highlight for Staley was the park map.  She had THE. BEST. TIME reading the park map, directing us and telling us what animal we should be seeing next.  We had to prompt her to put down the map to see the actual animals.  I think one of my highlights was watching her have such a good time with that map.  She brought it home and put it directly into her "special things" box.

Just when I had almost convinced myself that this trip was going to be a disappointment, it ended up being one of our best family outings ever!!

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