Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Season

Yes, it's only December 5, but our Christmas celebration is already in full swing around here.

We picked out our tree and followed up our tree picking with a trip to the Festival of Lights.

We decorated our tree.  The girls have also already done their Christmas shopping, wrapped their gifts, and put them under the tree.  This has been a little difficult for Adelie as she asks me every day if it's Christmas yet and time to open the presents.

We went to a Christmas Pajama Party fundraiser at Adelie's pre-school.  She loved seeing her teacher, Mrs. Ferguson.  The kids had the best time listening to Christmas stories, decorating their own cookie (and eating it), and meeting Santa.

Staley performed in the Christmas musical at church.  She auditioned for a speaking role, and was so excited to have her own lines.  She eagerly attended 3 hour rehearsals every Sunday for the past 6 weeks.  She memorized her lines (and songs and dances) and did a great job performing on stage. 

Although not yet old enough to be in the church musical, Adelie did get to do some performing of her own when she sang a few little Christmas songs at church.  She knew her songs and motions and sang out proudly.

Staley also sang in her Christmas concert at school.  All the Kindergarteners made their own reindeer shirts, which was so cute!

And although not yet old enough to do any performing, Briggs has thoroughly enjoyed looking at the tree, opening the advent calendar (although is never quite satisfied with just opening one door each day), and seeing all the Christmas lights.

What a fun start we've had to this Christmas season.  As is evidenced by Staley's card, we are already busy wishing Jesus a happy birthday!

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