Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Traditions?

Each year as our kids get older we tweak some of our Christmas traditions.  Picking out a tree, enjoying the Festival of Lights, the nightly opening of the advent calendar, delivering goodies to our neighbors...some of these remain staples and hopefully will for years to come.  This year, though, the girls played a bigger role in decorating the house.  Much to my surprise, Briggs hasn't messed with the stockings or tree at all.  (He does like to play with the animals out of the Nativity set.)  Not surprisingly, Adelie has pulled her stocking holder off the mantle 3 times already and broken it once.

The girls and I decorated the tree, saving the star for Daddy to put up.  A great Christmas tradition since that decreases the opportunity for arguing about who gets to put up the Christmas star.

We added a new tradition this year when my mom and I took Staley to see 'The Nutcracker.'  She loved it!  This is one tradition that will probably include Adelie when she's a little older (and a lot more able to sit still).  It will probably never include Zach since the one time we went to see it together, he declared it "2 hours of my life I'll never get back."

Girls day out at the ballet

We trialed Gingerbread Houses this year.  The idea was good in theory, but the girls each added about 10 pieces of candy to their houses, ate WAY more than that, and when I suggested that they'd eaten enough of the candy, they were done.  This one might not make the 'Christmas tradition' cut.

Although if it involves eating frosting and candy, this one's all in.

The girls have also added their own tradition of putting on Christmas plays.  So far we've enjoyed "Elfie's First Delivery" and "The Candy Man."  The songs and dialogue seem to have an impromptu feel about them, but making the costumes and sets keep the girls occupied for long periods of time, so I consider it a winning tradition.

Elfie and Rudolph after their "production"

Briggs is an ever-willing audience member
(The girls set up the chairs and even had glasses of water available as refreshments for the show.)

One of the rousing songs (and dances)

It's tough when you are the actor, singer, writer, director, choreographer, set designer, and costume-maker, but this girl handles it well.

Our Christmas celebrations start tomorrow, but our traditions, old and new, have gotten us into the Christmas spirit.  We're looking forward to a very merry Christmas!!


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  1. My favorite line is about Adelie--when "she is a little older and a lot more able to sit still".