Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Birthday Celebration

I always find Staley's birthday a little hard.  It comes so quickly after Christmas that I never feel fully prepared.  This year Staley wanted to have a friend party.  However, the logistics of making that happen a mere 3 days after she was back at school seemed a little daunting so we settled on a birthday activity with a friend on Saturday and a low-key combined family party for Staley and Liam on Sunday.

For her birthday activity, Staley initially wanted to go ice skating.  The frigid weather made us re-evaluate that choice and we decided on roller skating instead.

Thank goodness for the skate helpers. 

Although the nostalgia of the roller skating rink filled me with warm and happy childhood memories, I was also wary of how well the activity would go over.  When Staley and her friend Emma initially got up on their skates, they immediately fell down.  And then they fell again.  And again.  I wasn't sure they would make it 15 minutes, but they persevered, improved, and had a great time.  We skated for over an hour and a half, leaving with everyone in one piece and smiling.  Success!!

Emma was Staley's first new friend in Kindergarten.  Although not in the same class, they played together at recess the first day, love that people ask if they are twins, and have declared each other best friends.

Adelie's little skates didn't roll nearly as well as the big girls, but she didn't seem to mind and she had no trouble staying up.

We followed up our skating activity with play time and dinner at Chuckie Cheese.  Chuckie Cheese is not my idea of a good time (or a good dinner), but I guess the day really wasn't about me.  Despite my feelings on the place, the girls all had a great time. 

They do really look like they could be twins.

Since we had planned a big birthday outing, I had decided to keep Staley's family party low key with simple decorations, a simple game, and a simple meal.  Staley was excited about having a "Staley and Liam Together Party."  It worked well that she wanted a Superhero theme because Barbie or American Girl might have been a little harder to pull off for a shared party.  The night before her party, I put up some streamers and a little Superhero sign.  When Staley came down the next morning, she looked around and asked, "Is this ALL my decorations?"  Apparently she was not impressed.

To appease her, I did add in a few balloons and a handwritten welcome note on her easel.

Everyone had fun trying to identify pictures of a variety of Superhero characters.  Both birthday kids were among the winners who knew them all.

And all the kids had fun playing with their cousins.

Cake, presents, and fun time with family.  What more could you ask for??

It was a full week-end of fun, but Staley's actual birthday was yesterday.  She had fun bringing treats to school, wearing a birthday hat all day, and having all the Kindergarteners sing to her at lunch.  

Birthday lunch date at school

Both sets of grandparents joined us for Staley's requested dinner of burgers and brats grilled out in the rain, her chosen dessert of ice cream with toppings, and a few more presents.

What fun we had celebrating our 6 year old!!

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