Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Some days are long.  Some days are chaotic.  Some days are trying.  Some days I put my kids to bed at 7:15 because they can't tell time and I'm just done.  In the midst of tantrums and arguments and tears and messes, I do not always feel thankful.  I feel tired, or frustrated, or impatient, or even angry.  And even though each day I tell my kids that I love them...even though every night I pray for them...even though I love them with all my being...even though the mere thought of something bad happening to them brings me to tears, there are moments that I take for granted.  There are moments that I just want to skip over.  There are days that, instead of being in the moment, I am looking forward... looking forward to time without diapers or unnecessary tears or endless needs.  And then I am reminded.

Four local families have lost a child this week.  And whether from a long, medical battle or a traumatic event, four families I know will have to wake up tomorrow with a loss in their lives that I can't even imagine.  The mere thought brings me to tears.  I know these families would give anything to experience one more tantrum.  They would be filled with joy to referee one more sibling argument.  They would welcome a diaper change or cleaning up a spilled drink or consoling a crying child.  They would not miss an opportunity to leave the laundry and the messy house for a snuggle or a book or play time with their child. They know that each day, each moment is precious. 

There is no promise for tomorrow.  What we are given is today.  And today is a gift.   Even if it is a day filled with tears and messes and arguments and whining.  Even if I am tired and frustrated and overwhelmed by my to-do list.  Even if it's a day that I'm counting down the minutes until bedtime.  Every day, every moment with my children is not a guarantee.  It's a blessing.  And I am so thankful for the blessing of matter what it may bring.

My heart.  My life.  My blessings.

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