Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, January 27, 2017

Ornery Streak

I attended a parent-teacher conference at Adelie's pre-school yesterday.  And although not at all worried about how Adelie is doing at school, I was curious if all the parts of her personality make an appearance in the school environment.  Her teacher said things that I expected to hear, using words like "delightful" and "adorable" and "loves to be a helper" and "smart" and "sweet" and "lots of friends."  She also commented on how funny Adelie is.  She said, "Sometimes Adelie likes to tease me."  She went on to explain that sometimes when she asks a question that she knows Adelie can answer, Adelie will give the wrong answer with a big smile and a little twinkle in her eye.  For example, when she asked Adelie if she's a boy or a girl, Adelie answered "boy." Or if they are doing patterns, Adelie will intentionally give the wrong next item in the pattern, even though it's something her teacher knows Adelie has already mastered.  I got my answer.  My sweet, adorable, delightful, smart, social, helpful, funny girl also finds moments to showcase her ornery streak, even at pre-school.

Yes, my Adelie has a bit of an ornery streak.  It's not generally malicious or mean-spirited or bad.  With a twinkle and a spark, she just does her own thing, often to get a reaction or a laugh. 

She is my child that...
...will deliberately answer questions wrong when we are doing learning time together.
...will do the opposite of what we all want her to do when playing a cooperative game.
...will say I can pick out her pajamas/underwear/outfit/play activity/game, gives me 2 choices, and then will choose the opposite of what I pick.
...will deliberately play with a favorite toy of her siblings or grab something they were just about to play with for the sole purpose of getting a reaction.
...often sticks out her tongue or makes funny faces when I try to take her picture.
...when I ask her to get dressed/put on her shoes/put on her coat, will put on Staley's clothes instead.
...will do exactly what she has just been told not to do.
...has decided that, instead of the Bears, she likes the Packers.

Adelie is dichotomous.  On the one hand, she is so sweet and kind and thoughtful and snuggly and loving.  On the other hand, with her little twinkle and sly smile, she often displays her ornery streak.  When you add it all up, she is just my Adelie...

...and I wouldn't change her for the world.

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