Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

That's My Boy

As I mentioned in a recent post, Briggs has some very "boy" qualities.  However, he also has 2 older sisters that he adores.  It's not uncommon to see Briggs walking around wearing a headband or a necklace or carrying a purse over his arm.  His vehicles are often driven by princesses, and his dump truck can be seen carrying loads of palace pets or Calico critters.  His entrenchment into the world of girls has led to some amusing assumptions that Briggs has made.

At Christmas time, Briggs got a little shirt with a bow tie.  The first time he wore it, I put on the shirt and then started to put on his bow tie.  He immediately patted his head and said, "Bow.  Head."  Yeah, sorry bud.  That's not really how this one works.

This past week-end, we had Staley's birthday party.  (Don't worry.  That post is coming soon.)  Since it was a superhero party, both girls were wearing superhero shirts and tutus. As I was putting on Briggs's Superman shirt, he asked, "Wear tutu too?" buddy. 

Although Briggs seemed excited about wearing a Superman shirt for the party, he kept saying "Wearing Supergirl shirt."  Close, but no cigar.

Cars and trucks, bows and tutus.

Yup. That's my boy!!

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