Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oh, February

February might just be my least favorite month of the whole year.  It's generally gray, dreary, and cold.  The novelty of winter has worn off, the excitement of the holidays is long past, and spring still feels too far away.  Football season officially ends, there are no major holidays (Valentine's Day doesn't count), and cabin fever is in full swing.  February just doesn't have much going for it.  Regardless, we still had some February highlights for our family.

Highlight #1:  We had a little over a week of spring-like weather.  We saw the sun.  Temperatures got into the 70's.  We took full advantage by playing outside, going to parks and playgrounds, and trekking to the zoo...without our coats!  What a treat!!

Zoo time with cousin Caroline

Highlight #2:  Zach took the girls to a Daddy-Daughter Valentine's Dance through State Farm.

When deciding what to wear, Staley asked me, "Do you think the dancing will be like princess ball dancing or break dancing?  Because if it's break dancing, I probably shouldn't wear a dress."  And although I couldn't answer definitively that there wouldn't be break dancing, I felt confident in the fact that she would be fine wearing a dress.

The girls partied with Daddy for 3 straight hours.  They danced (and danced and danced), ate cupcakes, played musical chairs, made friends, and had a blast.  Their only disappointment was that they did not win any door prizes.  Adelie was also a little disappointed that when they announced it was time for a drawing that did not, in fact, mean that it was time to do crafts.  But all in all, it was a February highlight.  (Briggs and I stayed home and both took a 2.5 hour nap, so it was a February highlight for me as well.)

Highlight #3:  Zach and I took a little week-end trip to St. Louis without the kids.  We ate amazing food, slept in, toured the brewery, enjoyed a comedy show, spent several hours walking around the Botanical Gardens, basked in the gorgeous weather, and rocked out with Bon Jovi.  I didn't take any pictures (what?!?!), but it was a fabulous week-end.

Highlight #4:  And, of course, we celebrated Valentine's Day with parties at school and cute themed outfits.  The girls were so excited to both give and receive Valentine's at their school parties.  And I was excited that Adelie ate a big cookie with hot-pink icing and drank red punch at her school party without ruining her new, white Valentine's shirt.  We were all winners that day!!

My Valentine cutie

And now, as February is quickly coming to an end, we can start preparing for our March filled with birthdays and spring break and hopefully the beginning signs of spring.  Come on, March.  We're ready for you!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Not Ready

The other evening, Staley was talking about 2 kindergarteners who kissed on the playground.  (WHAT?!?!)  We then had this discussion:

Me:  "Well that's not appropriate.  We don't kiss boys or let boys kiss us."
Adelie:  "MJ kisses me on the cheek at school."
Me:  "You can tell him that he shouldn't be kissing you.  We can hug our friends, but we don't need to kiss our friends."
Adelie:  "Oh, it's okay.  I like when MJ kisses me."

I'm so not ready for them to grow up.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Little Things

Each phase of life brings out those little, quirky things that your kids do.  Currently, these are some of the little things that make my kids unique.

Adelie hates socks.  She takes off her shoes and socks the minute we get inside.  When she has to put them on to go anywhere, she insists on wearing them inside out so that she doesn't feel the seam.

Briggs is really big into carrying around tiny items.  Adelie got these bean sized animals called Squinkies at Christmas.  Briggs loves to play with them and carry them around.  He also has 2 little plastic bluebirds and some mini rubber ducks that he is always asking for and taking places with him.

Staley always feels the need to let us know when she needs to use the restroom.  She will seek us out a few rooms away just to inform us that she needs to go to the bathroom.

Adelie still refers to nighttime as "bed-night." 

When Briggs is playing with little toys or figures and making them talk, he generally talks in a high-pitched voice.

Staley's bed is right next to the wall that her room shares with ours.  Recently, instead of coming into our room when she wakes up, she will just knock on the wall until we come into her room to see what she needs.  (It's a habit we are quickly extinguishing.)

Briggs still loves to snuggle.  Often he'll say, "Snuggle Mommy."  I'll pick him up, he'll lay his head on my shoulder, and stick his thumb in his mouth.

Adelie loves to pretend that she needs help cleaning up her toys or zipping her coat or getting dressed and then does it quickly so that she "surprises" me when I come in to help her.

Briggs really likes to have his fingernails cut, but HATES to have his toenails cut.  (As in requires 2 people to hold him still while he screams about having it done.)  But fingernails?  He'll request that.

Staley is still super-picky about the way her clothes feel.  Lately she's been complaining that her leggings are too tight, so she has to stretch them out before putting them on.  She is also picky about appliques on shirts being itchy, sweaters over outfits being bunchy, coats being puffy, and shoes not feeling right.  And let's not even attempt to discuss wearing tights or jeans.

If there is a box on the floor, inevitably one of my kids feels compelled to stand on it.  (Not a great way to preserve our board game boxes.)

Even when I know Adelie needs to use the bathroom, she will still cry if I request that she go.

Staley and Adelie discussing what they are going to be for next Halloween and what type of party they are going to have for their next birthday remain constant topics of conversation.

It's not uncommon for our days to take a strange turn because of Staley's big the day a few weeks ago that we had a costume party after school, complete with crafts, games, and bobbing for apples.

I feel like my kids continue to change quickly.  Learning new things.  Making new friends.  Growing up.  They leave behind some of those little pieces of themselves, but new ones always emerge.  And I sure do love all the little things that make my kids who they are.

And currently this is just part of who they are.

Question of the Day

Why is it that she never has to go to the bathroom at home but she always needs to go when we are halfway through the grocery store?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Funny Thought

Since it was Valentine's Day, I was thinking that it might be fun to eat our family dinner by candlelight.

Then I remembered my family and decided that candles at the dinner table might not be the best idea.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Adelie Quotes

It's so hard to keep up with all the amusing or sweet or cute things that my kids say and do.  It seems like they are always keeping me laughing, especially my Adelie.  Here are some recent Adelie quotes:

The other day Adelie had something on her face.  (No surprise.)  Since we were walking on our way to pick up Staley from school, I did the mom thing where you lick your finger to try to clean your child's face.  As I was trying to clean off whatever it was on her face, Adelie exclaimed, "Mom!  Why are you putting lick on me?"

The other morning at breakfast, I kissed Adelie on the top of her head.  Then I said, "Your hair smells really good.  You smell nice and clean from your bath last night."  Without missing a beat, Adelie said, "Smell my bottom next." 

Recently Adelie has been asking lots of questions about God and Jesus.  The other morning we were talking about how God made people.  Adelie asked how God knew how to make people.  I told her that God just decided how he wanted people to be and he's the one who decided to give us 2 arms and 2 legs and 2 eyes and a mouth and a nose.  Adelie said, "I wish God would take this nose off and give me a different one."

I sure do love this sweet girl!!

My Big Talker

Briggs is getting to be such a good little talker.  He understands so much and always wants to join in the conversations that are going on around him.  He's talking in longer and longer sentences, saying things like "I playing with mine Paw Patrol characters" or "I'm all done eating those."  He's now using appropriate pronouns like I, you, and me most of the time, although will also still sometimes refer to himself as Briggy.  However, sentences like "I'm hungry" or "I like this blue car" or "Carry me" are becoming more the norm.  He will often exclaim, "I'm funny" when he's doing things like putting food on his head or doing something silly.  He has stopped saying "sure" and is now saying "yeah" to answer affirmatively.  Although he is talking well, he still is confused by down/up and on/off, often using the opposite word when requesting to go upstairs/downstairs or getting down from his high chair or asking someone to turn on the light.  Briggs is always ready to jump into a conversation.  If the girls are telling knock knock jokes, so is Briggs.  If the girls are discussing things they love, so is Briggs.  The other night at dinner, Adelie said that she wanted to change her hair and make it blue.  Briggs piped in, "I make my"  He just gets it, and that's so fun.

Although toddler quotes don't always translate well into writing, I like to try to write things down so I don't forget.  Even though the sweet face and husky voice don't come through in my writing, I hope my memory will fill those in as I read these in the future.

Awhile ago, we had taken the kids to eat at Pizza Ranch.  As we were finishing up, I asked the girls if they were ready for some dessert.   Briggs' head popped up and he frantically started shoving his carrots off his plate, saying "Dessert? Move carrots!"

Now that Staley is in school, we have transitioned our after-nap-television-time to while-Mommy-is-making-dinner television time.  One day I had started an episode of Paw Patrol for the kids.  I was just standing in the living room, singing along with the theme song.  Briggs sternly looked at me and said, "No singing.  Go cook."

The other morning my mom was getting the kids ready to go take Staley to school.  As she was holding Briggs, she said, "Girls, it's time to get in the van."  Briggs chimed in, "Boys too."

Briggs is also starting to say his own bedtime prayers.  Generally his prayers go something like:  "Jesus.  Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Briggy, Adelie, Mommy.  Amen."

Briggs has told us that he needs to go potty and has been successful on about 6 or 7 occasions.  We are not potty training, but we will take him if he asks and sometimes will offer him opportunities before bath or if he wakes up dry in the morning.  The other morning, Briggs woke up with a dry diaper.  I asked, "Do you want to try to go potty?"  He answered, "No thank you.  I'm good."  Such a grown up little sentence from my little man.

Last night, Zach walked outside holding Briggs.  It had been a warm day and was lightly raining.  Zach said, "Do you smell that, Briggs?  It smells like spring."  Briggs sniffed a few times and then said, "Ewww.  That's gross."

The other day, Briggs and Zach were playing with rubber ducks.  We have one that is dressed like a cheerleader, and Briggs was making that duck say, "I'm a girl.  I'm a girl."  Zach picked up one of the other ducks and made it say, "I'm a boy."  Briggs corrected him and said, "No.  You're a duck."

Each day there are so many little things that Briggs says and does that just make me smile.  Although I know I won't remember most of them, I'm hoping that this sampling will help me re-live these delightful days with my sweet little man.

I sure do love this boy!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Question of the Day

What's the official medical diagnosis to explain why your throat only hurts when it's time to eat your peas?


I know that I have had many posts about the friendship that my girls have.  I love that they are sisters, roommates, playmates, and best friends.  But with Staley away at school during the day, Adelie and Briggs are developing their own special relationship.

Both my girls are doting big sisters to Briggs.  They are generally very sweet and helpful with him.  They love to giggle about cute things he says or does.  They generally tolerate when he wants to join in with them in play.  But lately Briggs and Adelie have been playing more and more together.  She still often takes on the role of big sister, helping him find things or reach things or set up his toys.  But they now will play together as well.  They like to wrestle.  They like to get into boxes or laundry baskets and pretend they're in boats.  They will play figurines or Paw Patrol or stuffed animals together, making their figures talk to each other.  They will look at books together, sometimes with Adelie "reading" to Briggs.  More and more, I can take my shower uninterrupted in the morning while they play together in Adelie's room.  (Oh, what a refreshing change!)

Now I'm not trying to pretend that it's always happy and lovey and sharey between my kids.  Briggs doesn't always like to share, and Adelie has a penchant for playing with Briggs' favorite toys just to make him mad.  But it's fun to see their relationship grow.  Staley and Adelie may still be best friends, but Adelie and Briggs are becoming good buddies as well. 


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Baby

When did my baby suddenly turn into a big boy??

He's not a baby anymore.
And that just makes me a little bit sad.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Last night at dinner, Zach asked the girls what kind of jelly they wanted on their rolls:

Staley:  "I want raspberry."
Adelie:  "I want raspberry too because me and Staley are twins."
Staley:  "We're not twins."
Adelie:  "I know.  I just said that because we are best sisters."

They really are best sisters.  And I love it!