Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, February 12, 2017

My Big Talker

Briggs is getting to be such a good little talker.  He understands so much and always wants to join in the conversations that are going on around him.  He's talking in longer and longer sentences, saying things like "I playing with mine Paw Patrol characters" or "I'm all done eating those."  He's now using appropriate pronouns like I, you, and me most of the time, although will also still sometimes refer to himself as Briggy.  However, sentences like "I'm hungry" or "I like this blue car" or "Carry me" are becoming more the norm.  He will often exclaim, "I'm funny" when he's doing things like putting food on his head or doing something silly.  He has stopped saying "sure" and is now saying "yeah" to answer affirmatively.  Although he is talking well, he still is confused by down/up and on/off, often using the opposite word when requesting to go upstairs/downstairs or getting down from his high chair or asking someone to turn on the light.  Briggs is always ready to jump into a conversation.  If the girls are telling knock knock jokes, so is Briggs.  If the girls are discussing things they love, so is Briggs.  The other night at dinner, Adelie said that she wanted to change her hair and make it blue.  Briggs piped in, "I make my"  He just gets it, and that's so fun.

Although toddler quotes don't always translate well into writing, I like to try to write things down so I don't forget.  Even though the sweet face and husky voice don't come through in my writing, I hope my memory will fill those in as I read these in the future.

Awhile ago, we had taken the kids to eat at Pizza Ranch.  As we were finishing up, I asked the girls if they were ready for some dessert.   Briggs' head popped up and he frantically started shoving his carrots off his plate, saying "Dessert? Move carrots!"

Now that Staley is in school, we have transitioned our after-nap-television-time to while-Mommy-is-making-dinner television time.  One day I had started an episode of Paw Patrol for the kids.  I was just standing in the living room, singing along with the theme song.  Briggs sternly looked at me and said, "No singing.  Go cook."

The other morning my mom was getting the kids ready to go take Staley to school.  As she was holding Briggs, she said, "Girls, it's time to get in the van."  Briggs chimed in, "Boys too."

Briggs is also starting to say his own bedtime prayers.  Generally his prayers go something like:  "Jesus.  Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Briggy, Adelie, Mommy.  Amen."

Briggs has told us that he needs to go potty and has been successful on about 6 or 7 occasions.  We are not potty training, but we will take him if he asks and sometimes will offer him opportunities before bath or if he wakes up dry in the morning.  The other morning, Briggs woke up with a dry diaper.  I asked, "Do you want to try to go potty?"  He answered, "No thank you.  I'm good."  Such a grown up little sentence from my little man.

Last night, Zach walked outside holding Briggs.  It had been a warm day and was lightly raining.  Zach said, "Do you smell that, Briggs?  It smells like spring."  Briggs sniffed a few times and then said, "Ewww.  That's gross."

The other day, Briggs and Zach were playing with rubber ducks.  We have one that is dressed like a cheerleader, and Briggs was making that duck say, "I'm a girl.  I'm a girl."  Zach picked up one of the other ducks and made it say, "I'm a boy."  Briggs corrected him and said, "No.  You're a duck."

Each day there are so many little things that Briggs says and does that just make me smile.  Although I know I won't remember most of them, I'm hoping that this sampling will help me re-live these delightful days with my sweet little man.

I sure do love this boy!!

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  1. This is soooo cute! He must have two big sisters to be a boy with that many words! So fun! In that last picture he REALLY looks like your side of the family! Keep writing friend! It's fun to read!