Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oh, February

February might just be my least favorite month of the whole year.  It's generally gray, dreary, and cold.  The novelty of winter has worn off, the excitement of the holidays is long past, and spring still feels too far away.  Football season officially ends, there are no major holidays (Valentine's Day doesn't count), and cabin fever is in full swing.  February just doesn't have much going for it.  Regardless, we still had some February highlights for our family.

Highlight #1:  We had a little over a week of spring-like weather.  We saw the sun.  Temperatures got into the 70's.  We took full advantage by playing outside, going to parks and playgrounds, and trekking to the zoo...without our coats!  What a treat!!

Zoo time with cousin Caroline

Highlight #2:  Zach took the girls to a Daddy-Daughter Valentine's Dance through State Farm.

When deciding what to wear, Staley asked me, "Do you think the dancing will be like princess ball dancing or break dancing?  Because if it's break dancing, I probably shouldn't wear a dress."  And although I couldn't answer definitively that there wouldn't be break dancing, I felt confident in the fact that she would be fine wearing a dress.

The girls partied with Daddy for 3 straight hours.  They danced (and danced and danced), ate cupcakes, played musical chairs, made friends, and had a blast.  Their only disappointment was that they did not win any door prizes.  Adelie was also a little disappointed that when they announced it was time for a drawing that did not, in fact, mean that it was time to do crafts.  But all in all, it was a February highlight.  (Briggs and I stayed home and both took a 2.5 hour nap, so it was a February highlight for me as well.)

Highlight #3:  Zach and I took a little week-end trip to St. Louis without the kids.  We ate amazing food, slept in, toured the brewery, enjoyed a comedy show, spent several hours walking around the Botanical Gardens, basked in the gorgeous weather, and rocked out with Bon Jovi.  I didn't take any pictures (what?!?!), but it was a fabulous week-end.

Highlight #4:  And, of course, we celebrated Valentine's Day with parties at school and cute themed outfits.  The girls were so excited to both give and receive Valentine's at their school parties.  And I was excited that Adelie ate a big cookie with hot-pink icing and drank red punch at her school party without ruining her new, white Valentine's shirt.  We were all winners that day!!

My Valentine cutie

And now, as February is quickly coming to an end, we can start preparing for our March filled with birthdays and spring break and hopefully the beginning signs of spring.  Come on, March.  We're ready for you!!

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