Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Little Things

Each phase of life brings out those little, quirky things that your kids do.  Currently, these are some of the little things that make my kids unique.

Adelie hates socks.  She takes off her shoes and socks the minute we get inside.  When she has to put them on to go anywhere, she insists on wearing them inside out so that she doesn't feel the seam.

Briggs is really big into carrying around tiny items.  Adelie got these bean sized animals called Squinkies at Christmas.  Briggs loves to play with them and carry them around.  He also has 2 little plastic bluebirds and some mini rubber ducks that he is always asking for and taking places with him.

Staley always feels the need to let us know when she needs to use the restroom.  She will seek us out a few rooms away just to inform us that she needs to go to the bathroom.

Adelie still refers to nighttime as "bed-night." 

When Briggs is playing with little toys or figures and making them talk, he generally talks in a high-pitched voice.

Staley's bed is right next to the wall that her room shares with ours.  Recently, instead of coming into our room when she wakes up, she will just knock on the wall until we come into her room to see what she needs.  (It's a habit we are quickly extinguishing.)

Briggs still loves to snuggle.  Often he'll say, "Snuggle Mommy."  I'll pick him up, he'll lay his head on my shoulder, and stick his thumb in his mouth.

Adelie loves to pretend that she needs help cleaning up her toys or zipping her coat or getting dressed and then does it quickly so that she "surprises" me when I come in to help her.

Briggs really likes to have his fingernails cut, but HATES to have his toenails cut.  (As in requires 2 people to hold him still while he screams about having it done.)  But fingernails?  He'll request that.

Staley is still super-picky about the way her clothes feel.  Lately she's been complaining that her leggings are too tight, so she has to stretch them out before putting them on.  She is also picky about appliques on shirts being itchy, sweaters over outfits being bunchy, coats being puffy, and shoes not feeling right.  And let's not even attempt to discuss wearing tights or jeans.

If there is a box on the floor, inevitably one of my kids feels compelled to stand on it.  (Not a great way to preserve our board game boxes.)

Even when I know Adelie needs to use the bathroom, she will still cry if I request that she go.

Staley and Adelie discussing what they are going to be for next Halloween and what type of party they are going to have for their next birthday remain constant topics of conversation.

It's not uncommon for our days to take a strange turn because of Staley's big the day a few weeks ago that we had a costume party after school, complete with crafts, games, and bobbing for apples.

I feel like my kids continue to change quickly.  Learning new things.  Making new friends.  Growing up.  They leave behind some of those little pieces of themselves, but new ones always emerge.  And I sure do love all the little things that make my kids who they are.

And currently this is just part of who they are.

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