Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Birthday Celebration

This past week-end was Adelie's birthday, and we had a full week-end of celebration fun.

We started off Adelie's birthday with a very special treat.  Pink milk!!  Every.single.time we would go to the grocery store, Adelie would ask if we could get pink milk.  And I always told her, "Maybe for your birthday."  So for her birthday, I got pink milk.

And although excited, I don't think she actually liked it as much as she thought she would.

 We surprised Adelie with tickets to see Disney on Ice on the afternoon of her birthday.  So fun!!  While Briggs hung out with Aunt Carrie and Uncle Erik, the girls enjoyed watching Disney stories unfold on the ice.  I will admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it definitely exceeded my expectations.  And Adelie was thrilled at the very end when Ariel was one of the princesses to come out to skate in the final song.

And then, of course, Adelie got to pick her special birthday dinner and dessert.  She initially wanted fish sticks, but changed her mind to gondola sandwiches at the last minute.  I'm sure Uma and Papa, who joined us for dinner, were happy about that.  And cotton candy ice cream was her dessert of choice.  She then opened a few presents from us before bedtime.

  Staley was so excited to give her a "fancy dress" (that she picked out from the 4T bin in the basement) and a note explaining that she was going to give her a real coronation and turn her into Princess Adelie.

Sunday afternoon was Adelie's family birthday party.  Not surprisingly, she wanted a mermaid party.  Staley tried to talk her into something else since Adelie had also had a mermaid party last year, but Adelie always came back to a mermaid party.  So a mermaid party it was.

Mermaid decorations

Adelie in her mermaid shirt hugging her new Ariel doll.

And so much fun that some of her guests even came in costume!!

Mermaid treats

A mermaid quiz.

And even some of her gifts were mermaid-themed.

What a fun week-end we had celebrating my mermaid-loving girl!!

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