Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, March 13, 2017


Instead of "my", Briggs always says "mine."  As in "I playing with mine Paw Patrol characters."  or "Where mine yellow train?"

Briggs doesn't ask us to hold his hand.  He always says, "Bring mine hand." 

Instead of saying "I don't like it", Briggs says "I can't like it."  If he tries something at a meal that he doesn't care for, he'll hold it out to me and tell me, "I can't like this."  It does sound better, as if he's really, really tried but just can't seem to like it.

When Briggs wants us to pick him up, he'll often say "I want carry me."  (Sort of like a shortened version of "I want (you to) carry me.")  Or he'll just say "Carry Momma" or "Carry Uma" or whoever it is he wants to pick him up.

Briggs calls pizza "Pizza Hut."  If we are having pizza, whether it's at a restaurant or just at home, he'll always say, "I want more pizza hut."  or  "I'm all done this pizza hut."

I think Briggs is confused by "other" and "another."  He will often say, "Where's my nother Squinky?"  or "I want my nother blue car."

"Maybe later" must be an answer I often give Briggs.  Now if we tell Briggs he can't do something or can't have something, he'll often knowingly answer, "maybe later." 

In the same way that I always smile when Adelie asks if it's "bed-night", I love these little Briggy-isms that are a part of our day.  When my kids stop using their cute little sayings or mispronunciations, that is just one more sign that they are growing up.  And I can't like it!

"Carry Uma.  I holding mine digger and mine nother red truck."

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  1. We still say "hold you" or "hold you me" because that's what Lila always said when she wanted to be held. :(. It made me so sad when she stopped saying that!