Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, June 4, 2017

2 + 1 = 3 tired children

In the course of 3 days, we've had 2 fun water-based cousin birthday parties sandwiched around one awesomely fun State Farm Play Day.  A huge week-end like that is just what summer is all about, but results in 3 very tired children...and 2 worn-out parents.

Friday afternoon started off our fun.  The girls got to enjoy celebrating their cousin, Lila, turning 6 with a cake, ice cream, and a swimming party. 

Hanging out with cousins and friends
Even though my girls didn't know many of Lila's friends at the party, they jumped in, had fun, and made some new friends along the way.  I love the social confidence that my girls have.

Adelie never ceases to entertain.

Staley and Lila enjoying some cousin swimming fun.

Saturday was State Farm Play Day.  It's one of our favorite days of the whole year.  So many fun activities and great experiences packed into one full, fun day.  Although it was a hot day, we didn't let that slow us down.  We stayed from the time it opened to the time it closed.  We were all hot, exhausted, and happy!!

Briggs was SO excited about riding on the school bus from the parking lot to the park.  Always a fun way to start the day.

Rides are always a highlight, so we started off the day with those.  The very first ride the kids wanted to do was the roller coaster.  We put Briggs on the little roller coaster with his sisters, which made him cry.  Oops! (I think we're now 3 for 3 with kids crying on that little roller coaster.  You'd think we'd know better by now.)  After that he was a little apprehensive about rides until we found the train.  He rode the train and the little cars at least 5-6 times each and LOVED them.

On the other side, Staley decided she was too big to ride the train this year.  She did ride a few of the little rides with Briggs and Adelie, being very helpful and attentive with Briggs.  However, she was more interested in riding some of the bigger rides, so she and I did several of the "bigger kid" rides like the Scrambler and the Tornado.  She also wanted to wait in the long line to do the bungee trampoline.  The bumper cars were another new highlight this year.

We played lots of carnival games (and won lots of little prizes), made some crafts, and the girls got their faces painted.  I don't know what it is about face paint, but it's always a top request.

There are always a TON of inflatables.  One of the inflatables this year was this one (pictured above) where you had to leap from one red ball to the next to get from one side to the other.  Staley was SO determined to do this.  She did it about 6 or 7 times in a row and finally mastered it.  I just love her determination.  And not to be outdone, Adelie tried it a few times too and made it all the way across as well.

Unlike his sisters, Briggs was freaked out by the inflatables and didn't want to go in any of them.  He just hung out in the shade, watched his sisters, and played with some of his little prizes.

The hamster balls were another hit.  Briggs was again not interested in joining in, but the girls each went about 4 times.

We enjoyed lots of good food, including some mid-afternoon ice cream to cool off.

All 3 kids loved the pony rides.  Since we saved them for the end of the day, there was no line.  Briggs rode 3 times before being done, but the girls rode them about 7 or 8 times in a row.

While waiting for his sisters to be done riding the ponies, Briggs made some new friends at the petting zoo.

Briggs didn't even make it out of the parking lot before falling asleep.

And Adelie was close behind.  Another successful Play Day in the books!!

And if that wasn't enough, we rounded out our week-end of fun with Caroline's splash park party today.  Since Briggs was still exhausted from Play Day, he stayed home to nap while the girls and I partied some more.

Another perfect summer day for cooling off at the splash park.

The girls had a great time eating lunch, playing with cousins, enjoying cupcakes, and watching Caroline open her presents.

And getting a chance to hit the piñata was a fun highlight...although getting candy once the piñata was open might have been even better.

What a fun day celebrating this big 3 year old.

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