Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, June 19, 2017

Growing Up

My kids continue to grow up right before my eyes.  It's fun to see them change and develop into their own little people, but it's also bittersweet as I see these innocent days of childhood slipping past so quickly. 

Staley is starting to grow up.  She wants privacy when she's using the restroom or changing.  Although she and Adelie still play together often, there are some occasions where she prefers to read silently in her room rather than play with her siblings. She's been asking about having a room of her own, and is starting to ask for new clothes rather than new toys.  Staley is starting to outgrow some of our favorite summer activities.  When we went to the Farm Park for princess day, she didn't want to dress up, opting instead for a tiara that she removed as soon as we entered the park.  She has requested not joining us for toddler time at the pool unless she can bring a friend. When we go to the park as a family or with one of Adelie's friends, Staley takes on a more "caregiver" role rather than a playmate role.  I see her interests changing as she becomes more and more of a "big kid."  I love her independence and her willingness to be a helper, but it makes me sad to see her leaving some of her younger ways behind. 

Although Adelie isn't changing quite as much as her siblings right now, she also continues to grow up.  She will now do quiet "reading" time in her bed or on the couch for 20 or 30 minutes at a time.  She wants to wash herself up at bathtime.  She is getting her shoes on the correct feet more and more often.  We have been doing "learning time" most days while Briggs naps, and Adelie now knows almost her entire upper case alphabet.  (She still usually misses one or two letters each time.)  Adelie is also growing in faith.  Of all my kids, she says the most heartfelt prayers at night and will often pray throughout the day for things like help finding a missing toy or for her leg to feel better after she's gotten a scrape.  Her sweet, thoughtful nature is still so evident in all she does.

Of all my kids, Briggs is changing the most quickly right now.  He is leaving behind his baby-ness and is becoming more and more little boy every day.  He is done with diapers (when he's awake).  He is done with his high chair, now wanting to sit in a booster seat at the table.  "I do it mineself" is something we hear all the time, whether it's taking off his clothes, washing his hands, or climbing into his carseat.  I feel like every day I'm cleaning out clothes or toys or books or baby items that he has outgrown.  I love his growing independence and his little personality and his ever-increasing verbal skills, but my baby is leaving behind his baby ways.  I want to hold on, to slow it down, because all too quickly he'll be the one too big for toddler time and I'll be the one wondering where the time went.

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