Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Fun

June is over halfway over.  How did that happen?  We've been having a wonderful summer, but it already seems to be slipping away.  I think about our bucket list--things we still want to do, friends we want to see, places we want to go--and wonder if we'll have time to fit it all in.  So far our summer has been a perfect combination of unstructured play time and planned activities that has filled our days.

We enjoyed a family trip to Wildlife Prairie Park

We've gotten great enjoyment out of Eureka Rocks, which involves finding and re-hiding painted rocks all over town.  We even added some of our own originals to the hunt.

Adelie and Briggs enjoyed a splash park while Staley was at her summer Stage Kids class.  Briggs was a little hesitant about getting wet, primarily enjoying filling up and dumping out his container in the little fountain. 

Adelie, on the other hand, was soaked from head to toe.

Staley has performed a few times with her Rising Stars show choir group.
(Doesn't she look so tiny??)

We've done lots of playing outside in the driveway, the yard, and the sprinkler.

I won 2 free horse-riding lessons at a silent auction, and Staley LOVED her lesson.  Adelie gets to have her lesson sometime next month.

We enjoyed the Farm Park with a few friends.

We also found our way to the Washington pool for toddler time while Staley went to a day camp at State Farm Park. 

Staley loved her day of swimming, doing crafts, playing games, and meeting new friends.  Briggs and Adelie loved their day of swimming, eating at McDonalds, and joining me at a baby shower at my work.  (I'm not sure how much they loved the shower itself, but they got to have dessert, so I didn't hear any complaints.)

We've found time to go to parks with our friends, enjoy the library summer programs, eat ice cream, and relax at home.

Hooray for summer!!!
Here's hoping the last half is just as fun as the first.

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