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Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Briggs Says...

Just like I hope I'll always remember how Adelie refers to night-time as "bed-night" or how she pronounces privilege as prigalive, I hope I also remember this time when Briggs is filling my days with cute little quotes that always make me smile.  I don't always remember to blog them in the moment and some just don't translate into writing, but here are a few recent gems:

Briggs still always says "mine" instead of "my."  One of his favorite questions is:  "Where are mine sisters?"

The other day at lunchtime, we had some unnecessary Adelie tears.  I told her that if she continued to cry, then maybe she was just too tired and would need to take a nap after lunch.  After we had eaten, I told Briggs that it was time for his nap.  He responded, "But I'm not crying."

A couple week-ends ago, I took the girls swimming at State Farm pool while Briggs went over to play with Grammie.  Last week-end we were getting ready to go to the pool as a family.  Zach was putting on Briggs's swimming suit.  Briggs looked down at his suit and then said, "I'll just play at Grammie's house."

When Briggs is doing something he's not supposed to, I will correct him and then tell him what his consequence will be if he continues with the behavior.  I always finish with, "Do you understand?"  Instead of answering with "yes" or "I understand", Briggs always responds by saying, "Got it."

Whenever we drive anywhere, Briggs is always letting me know whenever he sees any kind of exciting vehicle, like a train or a tractor or a digger.  I must always respond to him in the same way without realizing it.  The other day while we were driving, Briggs said, "I see a digger!"  I responded with, "I see it too."  Adamantly, Briggs corrected me.  "No!  You say, 'Awesome, buddy.'" 

One time Briggs used a public restroom that had a big, loud flush that startled him.  The next time he went into a public restroom, he asked if it had a scary flush.  Zach told him that this one would be better.  Now, anytime we use a public restroom, he asks if it has a scary flush or a better flush.

I sure do love this boy!
He always keeps me smiling.

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