Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, July 31, 2017

Good-bye, July!

It's hard to believe that July is already over.  In just two more weeks, school will start back up and summer break will officially end.  Luckily we filled up our July by checking lots of things off our summer bucket list.

Zoo fun with cousins
(Notice all the kids standing behind the rope except one.)

We enjoyed the Emergency Expo, which was a free event where we got to check out fire trucks, police cars, helicopters, ambulances, police horses, Coast Guard boats, and other emergency vehicles.

As you can imagine, one member of our family was particularly excited.

Adelie enjoyed her horse riding lesson.  The girls also did a free trial karate lesson.  Staley didn't really care for it.  On the other hand, Adelie loved it.  Not a surprise.  Even though Adelie really enjoyed it, I'm not sure we'll continue with lessons.  I'm not convinced that teaching Adelie how to punch and kick is the best idea.

There was a cousin sleepover.

Playdates with friends.

The kids enjoyed swimming in our blow-up pool on one of those uber-hot days.  I got so hot watching the kids in the pool that I decided to join them, clothes and all.

We fit in a bunch of our appointments and check-ups, including Briggs' first dentist appointment.  He did amazing!!  The hygienist commented that he was the best 2 year old check up she'd ever had.

Remember my post about Staley's face paint kit and my realization that it would consume the rest of my summer??  I wasn't wrong.  We've had plenty of costume parties and plays.

We've been enjoying plenty of ice cream treats on hot days.

And when it's too hot to play outside, a trip to the children's museum is a great way to stay cool.

The kids had sleepovers with their grandparents.

The sleepovers concluded with Family Fun Day at the Apostolic Christian Home.  The kids came home with prizes, treats, and (of course) face paint.

While the kids had their grandparent sleepovers, Zach and I went to St. Louis for a Guns and Roses concert.  One of us was a huge GNR fan growing up.  One of us was super-excited for the concert.  One of us LOVED the fact that the band played for 3.5 straight hours.  One of us really enjoyed the 10 minute guitar jam solos.  The other one of us was game to go along and found it enjoyable, although would have been happy to call it a night after the first 2 hours.  #thatonewasme

A fishing trip has been on the girls bucket list for the past few years.  Zach finally made it happen.  They were so excited.

I thought they'd last 15 minutes, tops.  Zach dragged them away 3 hours later.  Both girls caught a couple of fish, no one got snagged by a hook, and they had a blast.  Although Staley was disappointed that none of the fish were big enough to eat, it was a highly successful trip.

We made it to Peoria for a Chiefs baseball game. 

In addition to baseball, hot dogs, and mascots, it was also Super Hero night at the ball park.  Winner, winner!!

Briggs has a Green Lantern stuffed toy and brought it with him to the ballpark.  He was scared of most of the Super Heroes, but was excited to see Green Lantern.  I think Green Lantern was pretty pleased to finally be the main attraction.  #suckitbatman

We've also found plenty of time for things like chasing squirrels, building fairy houses, riding bikes and scooters, going to the library, swimming, and going on family walks.

It's been a very fun and full July!! 

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