Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Beginnings

Staley started her new baby-sitter yesterday.  Staley and I both had out checklists of how to determine if the new baby-sitter was a success.

Staley's Checklist:
1.  Other kids to play with.  Check!
2.  Toys that are new and different than the ones at home.  Check!
3.  Dogs that let me pet them and sometimes lick me.  Check!
4.  Song time.  Check!
5.  Lots of new books to read.  Check!
6.  And someone to read them to me.  Check!
7.  The chance to watch big kids get on a school bus.  Check!
8.  Outside play time...with bubbles.  Check!
9.  Arts and crafts time...with paint AND glue.  Check!
10.  Sleeping on a cot at naptime like a big girl.  Check!

My Checklist:
1.  A nice, clean home where Staley can roam and play.  Check!
2.  Sweet, well-behaved children for Staley to play with.  Check!
3.  A nice, quiet place for Staley to take a good nap.  Check!
4.  A fun, safe, loving, stimulating environment.  Check!
5.  A little girl who is excited when I drop her off and happy when I pick her up.  Check!

Staley had a great first day!!  She had so much to tell me on the ride home about her new friends and the dogs and the toys she played with and the things she did.  She came home happy and well-rested with an art project in tow.  And they must have talked about the month of the year in Circle Time, because Staley told me on the way home, "Go to Miss Megan's house September."  Yes, Staley will go to Miss Megan's house in September...and I'm so glad she's excited about it.

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