Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, September 23, 2012

She Says...

For several months, Staley has been learning about opposites.  She has several books and some cards with opposites, and she loves to practice telling us about her opposites.  The other day, Staley asked to play with two water bottles that were sitting on our bedside table.  One was empty.  One was partially full.  Staley said, "This one heavy.  This one light.  Staley have these opposites."

Last night, Zach and Staley were having dinner with my family while I was out of town.  The grown-ups were visiting at the table when all of a sudden, in her loud Staley voice, Staley began reprimanding her same-age cousin saying, "LIAM!  Not play with food."  (To be fair, apparently Liam WAS playing with his food.  However, that might have been a little hypocritical from one who has a penchant for playing with her own food.)

On that note, the other day at dinner Staley was sticking her fingers into her applesauce.  I asked her, "Staley, are you still eating your dinner?"  Staley responded with, "No.  Just playing now."

Zach and Staley went to Ackerman Farms yesterday while I was gone.  Before going, Zach asked Staley what animals she thought they might see.  She answered with, "Peacocks."  Zach said, "I don't think they'll have peacocks."  However, upon arriving at the farm, they actually saw several peacocks.  Zach told Staley that he was wrong and she was right.  There were peacocks there.  Later, Staley was at lunch with Uma and Papa.  Zach said, "Tell Uma and Papa what you saw at Ackerman Farms yesterday."  Staley responded with, "Peacocks.  Daddy was wrong.  Staley was right."  (Right?  Yes.  Humble?   Not so much.)

Whenever Staley chooses me over Zach (to hold hands when walking, to carry her, to play with), Zach always says that he's just chopped liver.  Lately, Staley has been figuring out the difference between girls and boys.  She loves to play a game when we tell her someone's name and she tells us whether it's a boy or a girl.  (She's generally correct about 90% of the time.)  The other day, we were playing the boy/girl game.  Cade is a...boy.  Olivia is a...girl.  Mommy is a...girl.  The we said, "Daddy is..."  And Staley's answer?  "Chopped liver."

Everyday with Staley is an amusing adventure.  I look forward to hearing what she's going to say tomorrow.

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