Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, September 10, 2012

Potty Time

For the past few months, Staley has been showing an interest in the potty.  (I think it started when a little boy at her previous baby-sitter was getting potty trained.)  She has been randomly telling us at various times that she wants to sit on the potty.  (Never going.  Just sitting.)  After a few weeks of holding her on the 'big' potty everytime she asked while trying to keep her from falling in, we decided that getting her what she refers to as her 'own teeny-tiny potty' would be a lot easier on everyone.

Staley now loves to sit on her 'own teeny-tiny potty.'  She did actually pee in her potty a few weeks ago, but she didn't even realize that she had gone, so I don't really count that as success.  For the past week or two, Staley has been telling us that she needs to 'poo-poo on potty' right after she has filled her pants.  That's progress, right? 

This morning, Staley and I were playing in the playroom.  Staley stopped her play and told me, "Go potty."  We headed on upstairs for a little potty time.  Staley's diaper was clean and mostly dry.  She sat on her potty and asked to read a few books.  I read her several books and after sitting for about 8-10 minutes (with no action), I asked if she was done.  She said, "Still going potty.  More books."  I walked into her room to grab a few more books and a few moments later, my bare-bottomed little girl walked in after me saying, "Pee-pee potty."  We went back into the bathroom and, sure enough, she had gone.  Oh, the excitement from Staley that she had "water in own teeny-tiny potty" AND that she got to flush it down the 'big potty.'  Of course, she's had a wet diaper since and, when asked before nap, did not want to sit on her potty.  I don't think we're going to start potty training boot camp or invest in big-girl underpants quite yet, but it's a start.  Maybe that will be Staley's Christmas gift to us.  Here's hoping!!

Staley's own teeny-tiny potty

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