Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, September 6, 2013

Little Miss(es) Independent

Staley is becoming more and more independent on a daily basis.  She likes to walk down the stairs without holding onto the railing.  She climbs in and out of the van and in and out of her car seat by herself.  She can take off her clothes by herself and put on her clothes with minimal assistance.  And today, Staley went potty all by herself.  She told me she had to go and then told me to stay in the playroom because she was going to go potty all by herself.  The reason?  "I need some privacy."  Really???  So she went into the bathroom, pulled her stepstool over to the toilet, removed her shorts and underpants, climbed onto the toilet, and went to the bathroom all by herself.  She unrolled about half the toilet paper roll trying to tear off toilet paper for wiping, and she still can't reach the knobs to turn the water on for hand washing by herself, but she was otherwise very successful.  Increased toileting independence will be nice.  For example, I won't have to worry about straining to hear if Staley is yelling, "Mommy, I need to go potty" while I am showering or putting Adelie down for a nap.  On the other hand, each step Staley takes towards independence is one step further from being my baby...and one step closer to being a girl who 'needs her privacy.'  And I'm not ready for that step yet.

Definitely no longer a baby

Adelie doesn't want to be left out of the growing-independence game.  And so she has earned the title of 'Independent Sitter.'  She still doesn't always catch herself when she reaches too far or gets too excited, but she can sit for relatively long periods of time while playing with her toys now.

Still a baby...but sitting up like a big girl.

I love watching my girls grow and learn.  It's fun to see the pride when they do something for the first time...whether it's rolling over and sitting up or dressing and toileting independently.  I'm proud too.  And filled with love.  And only a little sad at how quickly they are growing up.

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