Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Who Is She?

At 13 months, my Adelie is...

A climber
(The first time she did this, she was halfway up the ladder before I realized what she was doing.  There is nothing that she won't try to climb.  She has no fear.)

A walker
(She is a steady, sturdy, all-the-time walker now.)

A pretender
(She loves to sweep, feed her baby dolls, put on necklaces, and 'talk' on the phone.)

A wild one
(She loves to climb, empty shelves, eat things she finds on the ground, wrap things around her neck, walk quickly away from me when we are outside, play on the steps, and generally engage in activities that make me nervous...and then scream about being removed from these activities.)

(Unless she is being removed from one of the above-mentioned activities, she is one happy little girl.)

(Adelie loves to give hugs, share her toys, and blow kisses.  And she always has a smile for everyone.)

(Adelie loves to make us laugh.  She will fall over, put random things on her head, growl, spit, and tackle her sister.  If anything she does makes us laugh, she'll do it over and over and over again.  I sense a class clown in our future.)

(Yes, she's active and into everything.  That's not always easy.  But she is a great eater, a good sleeper, and easily entertained.  She likes to go on outings, and is generally happy to hang out in her stroller or a shopping cart.  She likes being around people, happily staying in the church nursery or with her baby-sitter.  Active, yes.  But also easy.)

She is Adelie.  My adventurous, wild, happy, funny, sweet, active, adorable little toddler.  She fills my life with joy...and a few extra gray hairs.

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