Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We spent a month preparing.  We shopped.  We baked.  We decorated.  We wrapped.

Helping make Oreo balls

Cookie decorating party with the Walles clan

Our Christmas started this past week-end.  We spent time with Zach's family, immediate and extended.  There was unwrapping.  There was playing.  There were cousins and grandparents, aunts and uncles.  There were gifts and food and visiting and fun. 

Staley with her Bradford cousins

Adelie and Papa

Wearing matching Christmas outfits while posing with Great-Grams

On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed the Festival of Lights and reading the Christmas story before bed.  Early Christmas morning--I mean, EARLY Christmas morning-- found us with an almost 3 year old who couldn't sleep.  Upset?  No.  Awake?  You bet.  Staley has a nightlight on her monitor that turns off after 15 minutes.  So from 3:30 until about 6:00, she would call for us every 15 minutes to turn her nightlight back on.  (Note to self:  Buy daughter a nightlight that stays on.)  Although she slept in, our tired girl started off her Christmas like this...

At least Adelie was pretty happy about Christmas morning

Staley rebounded nicely and we had a wonderful Christmas morning at home.  There were stockings and presents and playing, playing, playing, playing with our new stuff.

Like last year, Staley's stocking stuff was a highlight.  
Who knew that socks, underwear, and a new toothbrush could bring so much joy to a little girl.

Staley and Adelie checking out the new princess dolls

Adelie playing with her new 'house'

After a fun morning at home and a nice Adelie nap, we headed to Morton for one last family gathering.  More cousins.  More presents.  More food.  More fun.  And let's be honest.  A few more tears.

The Walles cousins

Adelie's best attempt at opening a gift.
She was generally more interested in playing with the wrapping paper and boxes.

A valiant effort at a Walles family photo.  
Unfortunately, Staley was ending her day just like it started.

It was a wonderful Christmas season.  We enjoyed family.  We enjoyed friends.  We gave.  We received.  We celebrated.  And now...we rest.  


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