Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, December 26, 2013


There were many things that I worried about before having a second child.  I worried about neglecting one or the other, not being able to meet the needs of two children at the same time.   I wondered about how I would navigate outings.  I wasn't sure what our daily schedule would be like--how I would keep both children entertained and stimulated and well-rested and happy throughout the day.  I even wondered if I could love 2 children as fiercely as I did one.

And although parenting two can be tricky at times, those worries have generally been put to rest.  My girls can't be neglected because they have two loving parents...and more importantly, each other.  Getting out of the house takes a little longer, but my girls love a good outing.  Our daily schedule may not meet all of my needs (like having 2 girls napping at the same time), but we make it work.  And the love I feel for both my girls is beyond measure.  I can't say that I'm rocking it everyday, but I feel like we've got a pretty good handle on this parenting two kids thing.

Well, except for one thing.  There is one area that I didn't worry about.  Something I never really thought about before Adelie was born.  And something that has proven exponentially harder with 2 kids than it was with one.  We've tried lots of different ways to make it work.  It has caused tears and frustration and yes, even some minor injuries.  I'm hopeful that it will get easier as the girls get older, but for now I've almost given up.  So if anyone has any helpful hints, I'm all ears.  How in the world do you get a good picture of 2 children together???? 

IF (big if) I can get my 2 girls to stay together in the same place for any period of time, I get about 80 pictures that look like this...


But more often, I can't get them to pose together...

Yes, this started as an attempt at a photo op.
And yes, my older daughter is holding a handful of scratch off lottery tickets.
And yes, my younger daughter is making a break for it with her sister's headband.
Don't judge.
Or if they do pose together, it is VERY short lived...
Taken a few seconds before Adelie took a header off her perch.
And sometimes, one (or both) of them is just over having their picture taken.
Attempting sister pictures AFTER family pictures was just not going to happen.
And so, although miracles do happen and we occasionally get a photo like this...

to truly represent our daily life, next year's Christmas card should probably look more like this...
...because this is my life!

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