Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, December 16, 2013

Life With a 2-Year Old

Today I watched Liam for the day since his baby-sitter was off.  (Liam is Staley's cousin and birthday twin.) He and Staley were playing with Play-Doh in the playroom while I was feeding Adelie breakfast.  All of a sudden, I heard loud crying.  I rushed into the playroom to find both Staley and Liam in tears.  I asked Liam, "What happened?" (Based on the serious crying, I assumed there was some hitting, pushing, or toy stealing that had ensued.)  Liam responded through his tears, "I wanted to help Staley."  Confused, I asked Staley, "Why are you crying?"  She sobbed, "Liam was helping me, and I wanted to do it by myself."

There was no physical injury.  There was no lack of sharing or stealing a favorite toy or saying something mean.  Just a lot of tears over one child trying to help another.  And that, my friends, is life with a 2 year old.

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  1. At least your life with a 2 year old doesn't involve kicking a 12 hour old baby in the head and your life with a 5 year old probably won't involve randomly pushing over an 8 month old.