Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nine Months

Nine months.  How can Adelie already be 9 months old?  In 9 short months, my snuggly, sleepy, mellow baby has turned into my smiley, vocal, active infant.  Her 9 month check-up is on Monday (so I don't have current stats), but Adelie remains long and lean.  She wears size 3 diapers and her 9 and 12 month clothes.  Adelie nurses 3-4 times/day, eats 3 meals, generally takes 2 naps (one long, one short), and remains wildly inconsistent with her nighttime sleep.  Some nights she sleeps for 5 hours at a time, and other nights for 12.  Your guess is as a good as mine.  She smiles big with her 6 teeth.  She spends her days smiling, laughing, playing,...and keeping me on my toes.

Likes:  Adelie is happy and social.  Her favorite activity: moving and getting into things.  She LOVES her sister, and wants to be a part of whatever Staley is doing.  Her play with toys remains fleeting, but she enjoys Little People, balls, books, stuffed animals, and anything Staley is playing with.  Adelie's favorite toys remain things that aren't toys:  phones, DVDs, paper, water bottles, socks,...  She likes playing peek-a-boo and looking in the mirror.  Adelie enjoys books with her favorites being those with flaps, buttons, sounds, or textures.  She is a great eater, preferring finger foods to being fed.  Current favorites include crackers, Puffs, fruit, toast, and yogurt melts. 

Always happy to be playing with toys

Dislikes:  Adelie gets fussy when she is hungry or tired.  She'll make in known when she is mad about something, like having a preferred item taken away, being stuck in her carseat when she's tired, or when she's lonely or bored.  Green veggies still aren't her favorite, especially when they start to get cold.

Skills:  Adelie remains my highly active, mobile little girl.  She is FAST--especially when she's headed toward something she shouldn't have.  She crawls, pulls to stand, cruises, and climbs.  She will now let go of something and stand for a few seconds before lowering to the ground.  Adelie will turn pages of a book, cover her face with a blanket for peek-a-boo, bang toys together, push buttons, and activate cause/effect toys.  She can finger feed and drink from a sippy cup by herself.  Adelie plays 'so big' and gives high fives.  She can sign 'more' and 'drink' (I think).  She is maybe starting to clap, but it's a work in progress.  Adelie makes lots of noises (squealing, grunting, growling, babbling), but we have declared 'dada' her first official word.  It also seems like she will occasionally say 'mama', but not consistently enough to declare it a word. 

Adelie is continually growing and changing, but there is one constant.  She continues to fill our lives with joy!!

My 9 month old

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